New combat mode ūüėÖ

I want to see in the game ,the option …challange…this its must be in the chat room…to have the options to challange every player from there,…this comes after i seen and i hear …a loot of players says my team its better than your team,so lets go on challange…team ,3* against 3*…4against4…and 5againt 5…and the wi ner claims one items from the oponent from the same star with the team 3,4 or 5*…random prizes… icluding even the rare ascend items…!!!see u in the arena…!!!desc%C4%83rcare

There have been a bunch of suggestions similar in terms of testing team members raid defences which would effectively be the same thing


I can’t believe that SG didn’t think about it when they implemented raids against AI. Probably they rejected this idea intentionally, because of reasons that only they know.

The issue would be infrastructure, they will have to invest a lot more in servers in order to connect two players and sending updates in real time to each. If you scale it up to a larger user base it can create connectivity problems.

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