New CoC heroes in September?

Does anyone know if the Covenant of Champions event in September will have new featured heroes? Or will it still be Cleaver, Malin, Dawn, Meaghan? I couldn’t find info, sorry if this is a duplicate question.

I can’t know for sure, but there are more that have been in Beta. It seems logical that they would not keep the exact same set of heroes in this one.

But who knows for sure?

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Yes. Thanks to the generosity of @Elioty33 - our local oracle - we now know that they’ll feature two new 5* in CoC (the best ones too, imo) with Isrod, Evelyn, Frida and Arthur. The rest of the pool hasn’t seemed to change much, although looks like another monster hunter 3* and 4* will be added too.



Thanks everyone! Randa!, I watch your channel. Good luck with them pulls

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