New classes make sandbox more needed

New classes are choices… Go attack or defend etc. If you make wrong decisions fi Wu won’t do what you want.

It would be perfect if we could have a sandbox where we can research what decision is best for YOU. So that i won’t need all those (1) red tokens to get a right decision. (and perhaps loose some heavy earned tokens).

Sandbox in ally would be perfect. Train each other and research classes… :smiley:

What do you think about this?


I’m not with you, sorry.

Been able to figure out what’s the best for you is something that must require immagination and not just a work of tries, same as you have to choose which hero you must use your ascension items first.

And before people complaining about beta tester have the upper hand on this, i must say i have more doubts then before. Lol.

Great idea with the sandbox. If people want to figure thinks out themself, they’re free to do so. Me for example, I would like to have a sandbox.

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