New Class System: Aegir or Richard?

So I have both … Who should get the class token first?

Or do I wait and try and get Ares or King Arthur?

Let the new class system questions spree begin.

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Either can be a really long wait, especially Ares. At least with KA you have several very low probability shots a year, but unless you are a very heavy spender I sure wouldn’t count on that.

I have both too. Richard isn’t maxed yet, but I think I’m going to wait and spend tokens on him. I already regretted spending telescopes on Aegir.
Unless of course he gets the well deserved buff


Richard, Aegir isn’t good enough. You also have no guarantee of getting Ares/KA.

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I actually have Santa and Onatel as well, who may be the better choice for a main tank.

Tricky with Santa as I have Joon - both being a monk is a tough call as they fill very different roles.

Just though Paladin sits well with the main tank role really.

Onatel as tank? Are you kidding?

of those two, Richard, no doubt about it.

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I thought that’s what she was designed as?

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