New civil war tournament

Hello everyone, I bring you an idea that each one can implement in the alliance in which they are to promote understanding and improve the defenses of their teams

1 once a day a person from the alliance prepares his 5 best teams to test who can have the best defense
2 the person who prepares the team must notify when it is ready and wait for all those who participate to finish attacking their team and then put a different defense team
3 the people who attack must score with -1 point if they manage to completely defeat and win the round and with 2 points if they lose the round
4 the next day another different person will be unable to put 5 different defense teams
5 When all the participants have put their different defense equipment on, the result will be seen
of the civil war tournament and the winner and who managed to have the best defense team is declared

each alliance is free to build a prize pool for the winner or simply play for the honor
Each alliance is free to modify the rules and the score at will, being able to demand only teams of 3 * / 4 * heroes or only one color or without curators etc.

They can use the telegram survey tool so that each one can vote if they win and lose with each of the 5 defense teams and day by day they can get the scores and put them on a sheet.

well I hope you like it and comment if they implement it. It is not necessary for the whole alliance to join or be the leader, some of those who commit themselves can do it

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