New chest!

There is a chest which get filled up when we raid other players , would be interesting if we get a new chest when u get raided , that would encourage players to actively increase their trophies in order they do both ways , raiding and getting raided. Dunno if this idea got introduced be4… cheers guys :wink:

i imagine the chest gets filled when your defense holds up. this will encourage defense droppers a lot.

maybe only for revenges won or lost and only with the attacking dead heroes… and fill should be like 100 heroes?

or chest gets x2 attacking dead heroes minus the x1 defender dead heroes. and fill chest is like 40.

this is good idea to cover the defense team with a purpose that just rank and raid type chest.

raid offense chest
raid defense chest

i like it!


I didnt come up with an idea since there could be many ways to give defense team some “reward” and not just useless ranking (since there doesnt exist a reward based on ranking and ranking persist most on attacking than defending) . Any solution found and implemented would be better than nothing at all :slight_smile: , just hope it will be heard from those who have the “option” to implement some kind of reward from getting raided and winning (since we lose smth when we get defeated) .

This idea been presented before. I am not against it. People will be motivated make a good defence team. Right now some speculate with low defence for further easy raiding. Chest can be filled with 10 unsuccesfull raid on your defence. Then 12h break. Loot from this chest should be better then from raid chest. Because it will be more difficult fill it.

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@_John_Doe, I LOVE this idea!!! Would really limit the amount of cup droppers and also make you work on making sure you had a solid D in place. Plus right now successfully defending your Outpost really gets you nothing except maybe a few extra cups.


Was my idea lol , however happy u like it :slight_smile: we need to get smth when we win since we lose when getting defeated .


A chest that fills up as your defense kills attackers would also give you a pretty good idea about how close to winning your defense is. If the chest doesn’t fill up at all you will know your defense falls way to easy, without taking any attackers out, if it fills up pretty fast even when you loose cups, means your defense is close to what it should be. I always thought it would be great to be able to somehow watch your defense team at work…


Sorry @Pellazg, so it was. It’s still an excellent idea. I’d also love to see the team set up that took out my D also. Not necessarily a play by play. That would be to much for the servers, just the team makeup

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Excellent point too @Ian487! This would go hand in hand with a snapshot of the team makeup that beat your D. May help you learn where your weakness is somewhat.


im monoraiding only 40+ so for me aint that good;
but yeah i hope it will be implemented and reward more/add some more weigth the active players vs the nonactive/“$$ splashers” :wink:
aint pointing just ‘showing’ SG a way to attract more players :wink:

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Found an old thread

Guess SG didnt take it in consideration, yet