New cheating in AW

I chatted with Drizzt in Line and gave him more detail that I’d rather not post on here. :slight_smile:

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What still needs urgent adress is that when players leave their points stay. It needs to be subtracted … plesse change this.


Yup got the message from him.

It is for respect from him that I am leaving this.

After the players leave, the others give a lot more points to you…

This is not new btw!!!


That is true. The 2000 points are re-divided to the remaining members.

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This is a non-issue. It’s pretty clear they were not cheating, but that’s beside the point. Intentional or not, if players leave in the middle of the war, there’s no benefit to that team. If anything, it puts that team at a disadvantage if they didn’t use all of their flags and now they can’t. Also, it makes it easier for a reset to occur because there’s fewer teams to kill.


No scenario.

You habe 10 hits remaining, you have weak heroes but working together can kill one opponent and taking these points can make you win since the other team are less points ahead and have no more attacks.

You need 100 points to win and use 9 flags leaving that team with one hero remaining on 1 hp. Your last flag is offline. You call out. You have 49 points and 1 for the kill plus 50 bonus is yours as soon as this flag hits. The enemy withdraws this team. Leaving you with 1 flag and full 4100 teams to attack.

I agree that this is an annoying strategy - but it’s even worse for the team that uses it than for the team they use it against. Anyone who leaves or is kicked loses all their loot and get the titan counter timeout. Additionally when a member leaves, the game redistributes the total points available for that alliance, so all your future hits will earn more points.

I’m not sure which gives a bigger penalty:

  • subtracting all points for players who leave


  • redistributing the 2000 points among the remaining players (I.e., those that stay are bigger targets)

True, but everyone who leaves also looses their loot. Either way its a lose-lose strategy.

I meant, folks above are crying for “Bad Penalties” to happen…but I’m not convinced they aren’t already happening.

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Plus, you have to consider that people leave alliances for all kinds of reasons…just because a war is going on doesn’t prevent other things from happening, like getting kicked for inactivity, leaving the alliance out of frustration, leaving an alliance to join friends elsewhere, or a change in leadership that fractures an alliance like what this alliance is describing. People are going to leave during wars–it happens.

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They changed names again and are down to 14 members now.

At the end of the war, that strategy could work well. Even with redistributing points among others. How much points can you take with bad leveled heroes or people with 2300- from 4000+? Better way to solve this is to punish leavers from wars… Close their all chests for 3 days. In this situation, people who leaves to another alliances could be ok, not good, but you can endure it. People who cheates – i think that won’t be ok for them to do this :smiley: Even if there would be missunderstandings between members during the war, they will know, that leaving costs them 3 days of missing chests, so they would try to solve the missunderstandings. A good way to teach people to solve the problems, not to hide and choose another alliance. That would help them in real life too)))

Such harsh punishment would give rise to it’s own category of alliance drama: not all alliance leaders are fair and reasonable people all the time.

Not to mention it would be the final nail in the coffin for mercenaries. That too.

during the war, stay in alliance and fight. After war – Leave if you want or help someone with titans.

Then nobody would merc anymore.
Some in our allie leave to help other allies when they are in need for killing titans and then get back in. They are altready facing penalties for leaving and re-joining our alliance but if this would be implemented, nobody can help some other alliances anymore.

So they can fight the titans that they can beat. Not hoping for help from another alliance(that could push them to grow faster in heroes). Just solving their problems alone, not shifting on mercenaries. Or combining with another alliance to fight stronger titan. Advantages: 1) there would be less ads for helping with titans in chats. 2) Stronger alliances (combined) and so on…

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Please let everybody play the game the way they like.
We have several players that know a lot of people in game and if asked for help (i.e. helping newly formed alliances by killing off a rare titan) then let them help.
They already accept they are being punished on more than one way.

Your way of playing the game is your way, everybody is entiteled to play as he or she would like to do.

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ok. i understand you.