New cheating in AW

@Petri @Sara

There is a new way of cheating.

What the do is remove an member mid war that has damage decreasing the opportunity to hit anyone.

Please address and ban the below Alliance …

Dr J was hit and immediately removed

Removing people also doesnt take away their points.


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And another gone… this is sad …

This has been going in for a while now. Definitely poor sportmanship - would like to see alliances that do this gain a temporary ban from Wars.

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The players being kicked are penalized with losing their loot. Make the war rewards more desirable and this issue will be resolved.

I know that if I missed something nice because I was kicked out, I would look for a new alliance where the leaders aren’t pillaging from their own membership for a slight edge in alliance wars.

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Haha… Better loot? They do anything but not this…


From 30 down to 23 now … but we found a way to counter them … boom

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And down to 19 … but we just reset them for giggles … backfired big time for them!

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This had nothing to do with cheating.

The leader left the alliance a few hours ago for another alliance and this caused a mass exodus to other alliances.

I just left a few minutes ago myself.

@petri @sara Kindly ignore the OP’s claims of cheating. Thanks.


Nonsense … Members were removed the moment damage was caused.

Now even the alliance name was changed … It takes a big man to admit wrong doing, just admit it and move on.

Even the banner message paints a clear picture.

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Every time there was a team damaged it got removed from the battlefield. We watched it happen and tried to figure out what was up. But to go from 29 to 18 mid war. Come on.


Oh and the leader only left after many already left so there goes that theory.

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Nah, you’re wrong. But keep up the cheating accusations all you want. IDGAF

lol wrong again pal.

You were cheating it backfired … end of story … its really sad to be honest.

Sorry bud. No cheating happened. The alliance broke up over the leader leaving. Now enjoy the AW win and move on.

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We are … especially after the cheating.

Explain the wording … If one falls ambush them ha ha ha.

Yeah okay … at least we are bigger than that … sad how cheating broke up your top 100 alliance like that, bit I would also leave under those circumstances.

Now hope you are in a better alliance and dont take your cheating ways there.

Peace brother

You guys are completely taking the piss and you know exactly what you are doing its pathetic. We are not abused!!

Not making an accusation here. Question. The war was close. It was 100 pts difference and then people started leaving. What was the cause with less then 5 hrs to go? It was the best war we have ever fought and could have still gone either way. What happened?


Leader left before i woke up so I missed out on the chat. After that, it was ship jumping for the next few hours.

None of the players who left are going back to that alliance lol.

Okay will give you the benefit … hope things are on the up.

@Petri @Sara bygones be bygones on this one. Sorry for the bother!!!