New character!

Hello. I have a suggestion for a special hero of the month.

The picture is just an example, I’m not an author and don’t own any copyrights.!

Felicia [violet]
Attack 764
Def 705
Health 1350

Mana speed: fast.

Skill: Wheel of fortune.
When attack, give the luck and good stone combination for the player and bad combination for enemy.
Increases mana +20% for all allies.


Look likes marilyn monroe :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


and when you kill her in a raid, there must be a popup animation saying "Bye, Felicia. "


I like this special :slight_smile:


Forget the fortune “good tiles” part, since there are no live battles it wouldn’t work correctly anyway, but give me that fast 20% mana special with a little heal, or damage, or if it has to be more funny, a Wu Kong like ability, but with a chance for healing or receiving damage for all allies and I would be perfectly happy!

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You could always have an actual spinning wheel pop up when her mana is up with say 8 or so options on it like a mixed bag of some against enemies and some for allies.

You can’t have have Felicia and not have a wheel to go with her. Lol


I agree! I also know that we need a New 2* Red Ranger. A female for sure, … in some Raids you need a 2 :star: :star: : in a Ranger; There IS NO 2 STAR RED RANGER!

But this is the ONE STAR RED RANGER:



No one else has…so I will

”bye Felicia!” :joy::joy::joy:

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