New CHALLENGE - One Man Army (women also welcome)

Absolutely, we can try that, but I wanted to begin as inclusively as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have any 5* yet, but maybe someone like Leonidas, with a strike and heal would be a good bet? Or who ever else does a life drain…is it Morgana?

4* - Bold Tusk and Kiril with a buff and heal might be good choices :thinking:

Give it a run and let us know, if you’ve got eager guys and girls on the roster :grin:


Unfortunately I do not have any 3*. But here is my 1st attempt with a 4* on 10-9.


Here’s 13-2 done with Boldtusk:

I almost beat 13-7 the same way, but my luck ran out halfway through the boss. It should be beatable with enough tries, though.


It could be a new challenge event for SG to run. A 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star division. One or two heroes only. No battle items. Keep score like events. Let’s see who has the better skills and not the most battle items.


What is ghosting? I have seen several people mention it but have no clue what it could possibly be. Please enlighten. Thank you in advance

Ghosting means to fire tiles into spaces not occupied by enemy monsters or heroes.

Ghost tiles charge up your mana much quicker than tiles that strike enemies.

It’s also a way of clearing unwanted colours without charging enemy mana, which is increased with every hit.

In the context @Wharflord was describing, he/she was destroying most of the monsters in a wave, but leaving one alive. They would then fire tiles through the gaps in order to charge Belith’s mana and use her healing power. This meant she would start every wave with a full health bar. This is a smart technique and is useful for rare quests, like Sand Empire in particular.

Any other questions about jargon, try the Fictionary:


Berden, 9-2


Sweet. Brilliant effort

Thanks for this fun challenge! I missed the part when you mentioned ‘no items.’ However I think that this would also be a good challenge with items.

Berden, 13-7


No items just makes it a comparable level playing field, but if you enjoyed the idea, that’s the main thing!

What items did you use, out of interest?

For 9-2 you can see what I used. for 13-7 I used bombs iinstead of arrows and large flasks for mana and health points.

It’s pretty impressive to get Berden that far, he’s not tank material :+1::+1::+1:

13-7, single 3* hero, no items :grin:

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Lol is that one of three Hawkmoons :grinning:

Now take 2 hawkmoon out, fill your item slots with items that end the fight at max stacks, then try again!

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Sounds like an awesome idea!

It’s not a 3* but fun!12.9 with Dalilah. Screenshot just before victory


My My My Delilah!
A bonus point for the soundtrack…

That was a lot of fun. First try with the beautiful Belith (without any use of an Item):


Great job! Belith is a clutch 3*

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