New CHALLENGE - One Man Army (women also welcome)

Call yourself a player?

That’s all very well when your hiding behind a walll of 5* juggernauts.

Anyone can win that way!

Here’s the challenge - what’s the highest level you can complete with a SINGLE 3* hero?

No items allowed, but you can use your troops.

Post your results.

I’ve beaten 5:8 with Greymane (sniper with a self-heal, perfect commando). Can anyone get into 4 flag territory??


I love this idea! I do contests within my alliance periodically (most diamonds on one board at a time, narrowest margin of victory, etc). I may have to try this one next, if you don’t mind

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Absolutely. Send back results so we can admire your stunning victory/abject failure

Sharing is caring :grin:

First try on 9-2 (first 4 flag level) came very close. Think I could have won if I had killed the other yeti first, since it does direct damage.


Brave start @Wharflord…how many heals did you manage to fire?

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About 12. I ghosted tiles at the end of every stage to full heal before moving on.


That’s some smart fighting :nerd_face:

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Nice idea! Will try that once the Sand Empire ends…

I did’t do a screenshot of a victory screen (only the loot one, but it doesn’t show the team), but I passed 9-5 with Belith only.


First blood to @SuuriKoira. Any advance on 9:5?

My Belith isn’t fully levelled yet as she was late to the party, but I can see being green and a healer is a big advantage.

Can anyone break into the shadowy realm of Shaguadin??

My Bane was toast on the first wave
Lots of green monsters though. Maybe a fully levelled Hawkmoon would be best!


No chance. Ruins of Skyfheim has blue monsters and this gives a chance to a green healer.
Not a healer has no chance to go past first screen. I tried Shaguadin 1st stage with Bane and Belith in turn. Both were killed on the first screen.

Have you got a levelled Hawkmoon? I think she would be able to get furthest!

Maybe we shall see :grinning:

Can anyone go further in Skyfheim?

There is a mix of elements on some of the later stages. Perhaps a Prisca or Renfeld, with their healing could master 7, or Belith 9…

Ask and you shall receive. 10-1


That is quite a feat… I’m a little speechless.

Didn’t even need lvl30 minotaurs or something silly like that.

Gauntlet well and truly thrown down!

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I made it through 9-5 with Belith before running out of world energy. I did try 10-1 once with Hawkmoon but ran out of steam against the boss.

That’s just the “Rare” tier, though. I wonder how far one could get in the “Epic” tier with a single 4*? Or the “Legendary” tier with a 5*? :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely, we can try that, but I wanted to begin as inclusively as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have any 5* yet, but maybe someone like Leonidas, with a strike and heal would be a good bet? Or who ever else does a life drain…is it Morgana?

4* - Bold Tusk and Kiril with a buff and heal might be good choices :thinking:

Give it a run and let us know, if you’ve got eager guys and girls on the roster :grin:


Unfortunately I do not have any 3*. But here is my 1st attempt with a 4* on 10-9.


Here’s 13-2 done with Boldtusk:

I almost beat 13-7 the same way, but my luck ran out halfway through the boss. It should be beatable with enough tries, though.


It could be a new challenge event for SG to run. A 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star division. One or two heroes only. No battle items. Keep score like events. Let’s see who has the better skills and not the most battle items.


What is ghosting? I have seen several people mention it but have no clue what it could possibly be. Please enlighten. Thank you in advance

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