New Challenge: Highest score, 14* Titan, Single Hit, Forge Weapons only and limited to THREE Heroes?

Who wants to give it a shot? Let’s see who can get the highest single hit:

  1. 14* Titan
  2. One Flag
  3. Forge Weapons only (No scrolls, harpoons, hurricanes, etc.)
  4. ONLY 3 Heroes!

Let’s see who busts +100K first.

Here is my best of 3 attempts:

One note, you wasted a lot of mana pots on doing Frida up each time you did Jott early on. You could probably have saved the mana pots which could (maybe) have given you a bit more to spend on jott later on in the fight.

But great hit all the same :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you think using Athena would have compared to using Jott?


Great point. I often sacrifice good decision making in exchange for speed. Not the best policy :slight_smile: for sure.

As for Athena, great question. Maybe I will find out on the next Fire breather.


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