New Challenge Event


Did anyone else notice a New Challenge Event show up as “starting in 24 hours” earlier today?
I see now it’s dissapeared.


See this link.


I also saw it vut it said 14 hrs at the time. That was at least 2 hrs ago. I have not updated the game bit, it has disappeared.


Staff has confirmed that the event is next weekend, not this:


It seems another fubar. Lol


Thanks All for your responses - I’m just keen to get my teeth into something! XD


Yeah, I thought it was a bit early. Gets me time to prepare the team.


What sort of prep you gonna be doing?


Probably battle items and leveling up heroes


Yeah, exactly. Farm area 8.4 and get some items, level up some members of my beginner team, and the troops.


Area 8.4 most be wasteland by now - all 100K of us be hitting that place like Steam on Black Friday!


why 8.4 instead of 8.7?


Greater chance of dank rewards.


Really? I know that’s a good place to fight against dark monsters, but do you get an increased chance of dark ascension items from there as well?


“Dank” ;p

Neah, not that I know of. Just the go to for the 150 dark missions. Maybe a habit pattern?


I get a lot of grimoire dust and heroes from there. Also a bunch of lvl 4 items