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According to rumors from Beta, relics will bring bonus loot to Season 1 map, anytime the user wants, but only for 24 hours.

World energy flasks would be useful with relics, so it will be interesting to see what relics are included in the F2P rewards and if Valor Pass is targeted at C2P users.


I’m still finding offer 2 to be the most attractive, assuming you value the 10 coins as a 300 gem pull. If you give the tornado any value at all then it’s slightly better than your benchmark of $.50/100. If you don’t then it matches it.

Offer1 is benchmark too.

Note that AR offer 1 is slightly better, since it gives 25 tokens. And AR pulls also have the ascension chest.

They’re doing an AWFULLY GOOD job of making this kind of analysis non trivial.

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Tab 5

If I am reading the timers correctly, the last offer tab is only available for 12 hours.

If you are going to bed when it triggers ( 20:00 UTC ), by the time you can look at you smartphone in the morning, the offer may have expired ( 08:00 UTC ).

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That’s how I read it too.

Good thing we all sleep according to E&P time. :face_with_monocle:


Interesting, Day 4 is basically the same as Day 2. (Just a Time Stop instead of a Tornado.)

So this is more about quantity of offers than variety, it seems.


This implies Tab 5 will be more world energy flasks.

World energy would be most helpful to competitors in last hours, competitors will be watching the scores intently during the last hours, and competitors more likely to spend more to keep prize bracket ( see notes ).

As a bonus, world energy flasks can be used during the now shortened Atlantis rising. Shortened to keep yearly rewards flat and Atlantis coins lower to preserve ingredients, battle item and Hero XP markets ( that is another rant ), not to earn money on world energy refill. But marketing can take advantage of the shortening.

Atlantis rising is very popular among both competitors, and non competitors.


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This is an old post about Challenge events v1.0



Currently Tab 5 is unknown ( but likely 500 gems and 5x flasks )

Tab 2 and 4 give a maximum of 1800 gems. Purchase 4 of 5 from Tab 1 gives you 2600 gems for a 1x 10x summons and 6x summons from Challenge coins.

If Tab 5 is 500 gems, the most you could do is a 1x 10x summons 4x 1x summons and 6x summons from Challenge coins for a total of 20x heroes.

If Tab 5 is 500 gems and 5x flasks, and you spent on world energy, it would be 38x gem refills, 10x flask refills and 6x summons from Challenge coins for a total of 48x refills or 16x for each tier ( rare, epic, legendary).

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Close guess!

You just forgot that it had to be a higher price and lower value. :wink:


I get the attraction of these offers, they are a huge advantage for the event with all of the WE flasks and gems to buy even more. I was in the top 500 for rare last night and holding my position well and also in the top 500 for epic. All night my rank in epic barely moved 5-6 spots, then the final offer dropped and I lost 60+ spots in a matter of a couple of hours.

I went ftp in the new year and I feel like I’m getting boned for it. I worked hard on this event to place In my desired tier and I have little ability to replay levels without spending at the moment. If all events moving forward are going to be flooded with offers such as these, Then I feel like this scenario is going to happen every time. I’m not surprised that they did this, but it’s hard to get that bitter taste out of my mouth.

On the last day there’s usually a run and many try to place in the top 500 for epic anyway regardless of the offers. Have been pushed out of the top 500 once during the last two hours of an event. It sucks but well, it’s a game, you can’t always win.

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I know there’s always a push on the last day, but this is different. With the gems available on top of the WE flasks you can replay levels so many more times. I could refill my energy 30 times on what’s available, and I can guarantee you that my score would improve with the right favorable board. Obviously it’s a game, and I understand how it works. I just got really excited about the new revamped events and have placed quite well in them recently, I can just see this tipping the balance that extra bit though for people ftp like me. There’s no question these flood of offers are a boon to those competing. Anyway, just on here to say I think it stinks a little.

@zephyr1 Can we expect to see this offer structure in Atlantis?

I have no idea. Offers aren’t normally shown in Beta, so there’s no insight to be had from there, and they’ve typically kept planned offers a surprise in general.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see more offers during Atlantis, but they already added a second offer to the cycle during Atlantis, so I imagine that might be all they intended to add there for now.

I do wonder if we might eventually see something like this during Costume Quests or Season 3, though.


@zephyr1 I agree that the revamped costume chamber and season 3 are more likely for that offer structure. I am also expecting it for Avalon in February as well.

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My guess is it’s almost an absolute certainty for Avalon. The old offer format during Challenge Events persisted for years.


can see a extra deal for Atlantis in the future. They really have nothing to lose!
Buy or not some people will save for other events and it balances out!
I may not be spending much on Atlantis as I did in the past! As now looking at event heros! as I have a budget each month may not spend it all but it carrys over till the next month! Either way they be getting my cash!

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They did add challenge coins before too

Was theses deals at gaurdians! :thinking: I can’t actually remember :grimacing:

Yep, Guardians was the first time we saw this new offer format.

That’s when this thread is from.


Yes they definitely were :slight_smile:
This thread in fact was built in guardians time


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