New Challenge Event Offers Discussion (January 2020)

I actually misread it at first. I thought it was the same old 5x offers but spread out over 5 days. Then I saw that we still had the 5x on day one. Will be interesting to see what they do.

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Guys, are people able to buy the offers independently or do I need to unlock by buying first offers?

You will LIKELY be able to purchase individually.

I am thinking it’s like the Christmas and other Seasonal Event Calendars. New offer each day.

Unfortunately this is the first time its ever been seen so… Its all a guess at this stage.

It looked to me like maybe you’d be able to switch back and forth between the offers perhaps, once they unlock. They seem more like tabs than days, unlike the Seasonal Calendar.

But it’s not entirely clear from the UI.

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Day 2 is up, and you can indeed toggle between the offer tabs.


It looks like the multiple tiered offers like Black Friday

(Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion)


Cyber Monday

(Cybermonday offers 2019 - Discussions)

By slowly revealing the offers, you reduce the time players can circulate analysis of the five offers and help solve the problem of Banner Blindness.


I really like this format. It’ll let me decide what offers are worth it at the end, or if I should save for Atlantis.

Because otherwise I would have decided on one offer (probably today’s, coins and gems) and then ignored them all until next month.

And at least slightly feeer pop ups.

If you didn’t purchase the offer in the first tab, can you still purchase from the first tab after the second tab is revealed?

Yes, that’s how it appears to me.


@DGERic Yes you can. On My main, I only got one of the first day’s offer and could still get the remainder when the day 2 offer popped up. Also I think if this kind of model is successful then do not be surprised if you see this model applied to Atlantis.


I’m hoping! 20 freaking characters!! Lol

Day 3 isn’t much of a surprise — WE Flasks were a top guess for being included in at least one offer.


canadians always have it more expensive… was 3.99 CAD yesterday, 6.99 today :frowning:

I’m glad there’s only 1 in stock or else its kinda unfair for f2p players who want to rank.

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Our prices may be lower, but we also have tax added after the listed prices.

People can always buy WE refills with gems anyway, so really there’s no cap on the ability to pay for increased scores.

The good news is that my experience is that moderate ranking is possible without any Flasks/refills. But top rankings definitely require more replays than you can get from regularly earned flags during the Event.

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What’s your opinion in terms of value for money and compared to other similar offers (like the AR one)?

The somewhat similar Atlantis offer is this one:

I like to value offers based on the 200 gem offers during Challenge Events, as they’re the second best deal on gems after the main Atlantis offer that has both gems and Atlantis Coins. (And not counting VIP.)

(this one is the better Atlantis Offer)

Based on that approach, I value gems at 1/2 cent USD each — because the first Challenge Event offer is 200 gems for $1 USD.

From that, I’ve figured out valuations for everything else based on other offers.

So I personally look at these as:

Challenge Offer 3

Item Value
500 gems $2.50
5x WE Flasks $2.50

Atlantis Offer 2 (plus more explanation of my thinking)

So based on my personal evaluation system, this Challenge Offer 3 is a better deal than the Atlantis Offer 2 — because it’s priced the same as I’d value it (i.e. 100% value), whereas, Atlantis 2 is priced at 88.5% of what I’d value it as.

The only caveat to that is that $0.50 for a WE Flask is a generous valuation for someone who never ever uses gems for WE refills, and it comprises half of the valuation of this offer as I’ve tallied it. But Atlantis Rises has made that a potentially reasonable place to spend some gems or WE Flasks for a lot of people, as the farming benefits can be worth some extra runs, so those players may see a similar value in WE Flasks.


They seem to be targeting all non F2P users.



According to rumors from Beta, relics will bring bonus loot to Season 1 map, anytime the user wants, but only for 24 hours.

World energy flasks would be useful with relics, so it will be interesting to see what relics are included in the F2P rewards and if Valor Pass is targeted at C2P users.


I’m still finding offer 2 to be the most attractive, assuming you value the 10 coins as a 300 gem pull. If you give the tornado any value at all then it’s slightly better than your benchmark of $.50/100. If you don’t then it matches it.

Offer1 is benchmark too.

Note that AR offer 1 is slightly better, since it gives 25 tokens. And AR pulls also have the ascension chest.

They’re doing an AWFULLY GOOD job of making this kind of analysis non trivial.

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Tab 5

If I am reading the timers correctly, the last offer tab is only available for 12 hours.

If you are going to bed when it triggers ( 20:00 UTC ), by the time you can look at you smartphone in the morning, the offer may have expired ( 08:00 UTC ).

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