New Challenge Event heroes/family bonuses (Math)

Ever since I heard about the addition of more heroes to the challenge events and the creation of family bonuses for this heroes, I’ve been intrigued. The family concept isn’t new since we’ve seen it in Atlantis, but this marks the first time you can field a full team of unique, 5 star heroes that all belong to the same family. That got me to thinking, how much of a stat boost will that actually provide.

So, I did the math and here’s what I came up with.

I decided to look at the Grimforest Family since it was the only family that boosted two baseline stats. Others only did zero or one and some combination of eMana or healing stats. I wasn’t as interested in that and was more focused on just how far the baseline stats would balloon.

For this study, I started with each hero at their base value when maxed to 4/80. I then followed each ones emblem tree focusing on Defense, Health, Attack in that order. Obviously you may choose to emblem them differently, but this is what I went with. After that, I applied the bonus they would get for max level crit troops which again focus more on defense and health. Finally, I added the family bonus.

Here are the values for each hero using the following format: Base Value>>Fully Emblemed>>Max Crit Troops>>Family Bonus

Boss Wolf
Att: 566>>612>>679>>780
Def: 826>>940>>1175>>1410
HP: 1524>>1713>>1867>>1867

Att: 733>>763>>915>>1052
Def: 698>>844>>1055>>1266
HP: 1359>>1471>>1603>>1603

Red Hood
Att: 729>>780>>936>>1076
Def: 708>>819>>1023>>1227
HP: 1353>>1537>>1675>>1675

Snow White (as currently listed in The Beta Beat)
Att: 756>>801>>961>>1105
Def: 747>>860>>1075>>1290
HP: 1299>>1447>>1577>>1577

Puss in Boots (as currently listed in The Beta Beat)
Att: 764>>817>>980>>1127
Def: 727>>822>>1027>>1232
HP: 1322>>1543>>1681>>1681

Pretty crazy, right? It doesn’t stop there. Keep in mind some of their special abilities and classes and here are some other stat boosting possibilities.

Attack: Rumpelstiltskin has a 1/3 chance to boost everyone’s attack by 48% for 3 turns, putting outputs at between 1154 and 1667. Puss summons 3 minions with 30% attack each, giving each a value of 338.

Defense/Health: The minions! Red giving everyone Fox Minions, Puss giving himself and Red Mouse minions, Boss Wolf possibly summoning Thorn Minions for himself. The healing! Red’s minions heal, Rumpel has a chance to heal everyone, Puss gives Heal over Time.

Obviously this team has its limitations too. Only 3 of the 5 colors are represented, making stacking against it easier. Only 3 have average mana speed, the others being slow and very slow. But still, can you imagine running up against this team in a raid or war.

Boss at tank being ■■■■ near impossible to even put a dent in, meanwhile swinging mana production in the defenses favor after he fires. Puss and Red on his flank to benefit from the mana gain and start generating those minions and healing. Snow and Rumpel on the wings. Snow easily one-shotting even the strongest of heroes if any buffs/ailments are in play. Rumpel providing additional healing/tile damage for everyone, or possibly doing some solid damage to everyone as well.

Just seems nuts to me. Granted, this will take you about 10 years to achieve, but still… it’s possible!



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