New Challenge Event Concept: Saviors of Asgard (Horde Mode)

“The horn has sounded, and the battle for the world has begun! Join the Saviors of Asgard in the fight to slay the fearsome Fenrir and massive Jormungandr before they devour the world!”

ODIN, the Allfather
Holy - Fighter - :star::star::star::star::star:
714 Atk - 734 Def - 1466 Health

Ability: Summon the Einherjar
Mana Speed: Average
1: Summons an Asgardian Knight minion on all allies with 16% attack and 30% health inherited from the caster. The caster gains access to a new ability while protected by an Asgardian Knight.

Ability: Gungnir
Mana Speed: Very Fast
1: Deals 460% damage the the target, and minor damage to nearby enemies.

FREYJA, Valkyrie Queen
Nature - Cleric - :star::star::star::star::star:
700 Atk - 792 Def - 1425 Health

Ability: For Valhalla
Mana Speed: Slow
1: Recovers 40% health to all allies.
2: All allies receive Valhalla’s Blessing. If an ally dies in the next 4 turns, they are resurrected with 50% health, +50% attack, and -50% defense. This effect cannot be dispelled.

THOR, Lord of Thunder
Fire - Barbarian - :star::star::star::star::star:
805 Atk - 694 Def - 1290 Health

Ability: Mjölnir
Mana Speed: Fast
1: Deals 315% damage to the target.
2: The target gets stuck by lightning when their mana is full for 3 turns, dealing 21% damage to the target and reducing the targets mana by 50%. This effect cannot be dispelled.

HEIMDALL, The Watchguard of Asgard
Holy - Paladin - :star::star::star::star:
624 Atk - 785 Def - 1102 Health

Ability: Sound the Horn
Mana Speed: Average
1: The target and nearby enemies get -24% mana generation for 4 turns.
2: The target and nearby enemies get -54% Holy defense for 4 turns.

VIDAR, Wolf Slayer
Nature - Fighter - :star::star::star::star:
754 Atk - 654 Def - 1089 Health

Ability: Vengeful Blow
Mana Speed: Fast
1: Deals 325% damage to the target.
2: The target is silenced, preventing them from using special skills for 3 turns.
3: Removes all buffs from the target.

------------SAVIORS OF ASGARD------------
A new Challenge Event that brings a new system to test the mettle of your heroes. There is no time limit, because it never ends!

You can test your might in the Rare Arena where you can only use 3⭐ heroes and 2⭐ troops, with no restriction on items! Or Epic Arena with 4⭐ heroes and 3⭐ troops, with no restriction on items! And the difficult Legendary Arena with 5⭐ heroes and 4⭐ troops!

Each difficulty brings 5 stages to challenge! Each stage holds 100 waves, ***and the enemies grow ever stronger with every 5 waves you clear***, but how far will you go? The battle doesn’t end unless you clear wave 100, or your heroes fall in battle. How far you get, how many enemies you defeat, what items and how many you use, and how many combo’s you can make decides your score!

Completion Bonus is rewarded when you successfully clear wave 20 of each stage. There is an external percentage grouping based reward system, and an internal competitive ranked leaderboard reward system!

Percentage Grouping Rewards:
Top 1% = Rank 1 Rewards of Current System
Top 1-5% = Rank 2:10 Rewards
Top 6-10% = Rank 11:100 Rewards
Top 11-50% = Rank 101:1500 Rewards
Top 75% = Rank 1501:25000 Rewards
Bottom 25% = Rank 25001 and Below

Competitive Leaderboard Rewards:
Rank 1 – 3000 Gems, 5 Titan Flasks, 5 Raid Flasks, 5 World Flasks, 3 Epic Hero Tokens, 3 Epic Troop Tokens
Rank 2:10 – 2000 Gems, 3 Titan Flasks, 3 Raid Flasks, 3 World Flasks, 2 Epic Hero Tokens, 2 Epic Troop Tokens
Rank 11:100 – 1000 Gems, 1 Titan Flask, 1 Raid Flask, 1 World Flask, 1 Epic Hero Token, 1 Epic Troop Token
Rank 101:1500 – 500 Gems, 1 Titan Flask, 1 Raid Flask, 1 World Flask
Rank 1501:25000 – 250 Gems


Be sure to start from the top, and read the concept in its entirety before discussion.

Also, hero concepts are wide open for suggestion and criticism. Do not be acidic with your response. SGG can do whatever they want with hero concepts.

The entire concept is a wave based sort of hoard mode that gets more and more difficult as you go. Odds of you clearing wave 100 are astronomically low, but not impossible I’d say. It includes the percentage tiers that everyone wants, and the competitive ranking structure for those more hardcore players. And yes, I am fully aware that the hero’s are in need of tweaking. They’re more for the theme of it, because I’m sick of Greek Gods…

I hope this concept peaks some interest and inspires some votes.

Artist Credits:






(Thank you @Aggoras for hunting these down.)


Эта концепция призовет еще больше новых игроков,т.к люди ищут разнообразие и разного рода нововведения в играх данного времени

Great art and idea. Only issue I have is there is no water hero. But I love the rest. Let’s see these heros and event

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You had me at saviors of asgard! :rofl:

Totes love the idea & the art.

You have my vote.

Let’s get it started ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, you’ve done a wonderfull job at portraying a full group of new heroes althougb I think Freya might be a bit overpowered. Love the new heroes you propose.

Maybe Loki should be added as ice hero.

@Aggoras - And here I thought Odin would catch all the flak for being overpowered. At least Freyja’s ability is a double edge sword.

@yelnats_24 - I thought about Loki, and decided against it to start. I figure people would want him to be a 5 star hero, and since SGG is working on new heroes to add to the current events, maybe if they pick this up they’ll add him later.


I love it, but would prefer a whole season dedicated to Norse mythology, there are so many characters possible beyond what most people recognize!

@Jennie - You and me both, but I went with Norse for a theme. SGG obviously has full creative rights with their game to use what they want. :joy:

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Indeed norse mythology could use a whole season rather than an event.

So many possibilities …

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Nice idea & nice work! U got my vote :slight_smile:

Great idea for a challenge, but I’d love to see this as a full season. Too much potential for a challenge event. I’d love Fenrir, Tyr, and Jormungaard as hero cards too!

Love the wave / horde concept for a new challenge, awesome idea. Great concept characters and art too :grin:

This is an awesome idea!!

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You got my vote. Cool.

I love this community. You all are awesome, and thank you for the votes!

I like the theme, and the hero concepts. A new Horde mode would be cool as all the events just seem to blend together nowadays. Also, I’m ok with this just being an event and not a full season. I would like to have original heroes for the next season, everyone pulls from mythology for the bulk of their games. It gets old after a while.

Also, is that your artwork? If it is, very nice. If it isn’t, then give the original creates their due respect…

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@Midgardsormr - It is not my artwork. They are images I pulled from the internet for thematic reference, but I don’t know the sources, or I would absolutely give the artists the credit they deserve. If anybody does know, please credit them and I will add it to the post.