New challenge event advanced much easier then last

I found this time around the challenge event seemed easier. The last one I struggled with and took me 4 attempts on the last round. This time around I went through all levels in advanced with no problem.
Any thoughts as too why? Also I learned a new trick last time from a post on here
Save all your attack spells for the last boss and fire them all off before attacking and make sure you come in with all your specials ready to fire.

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A lot of people thought that Avalon was just plain harder than the previous events, like the current Pirates one. The combination of some of those boss opponents was pretty brutal in how they worked together. Personally I found it easier, but I suspect that was a combination of more experience and a gamechanger class hero I hadn’t had previously. I’m finding Pirates a lot easier this time than I did last time too.


I agree myself i have the same team however more leveled and more experience too. Pluss I have a max Toth amun. And last event I had to sit out Joon! This time it was Toth so I feel that helped some…

That looks like a really good team for this Pirates event!

New trick? I thought that was kind of common sense. There’s a few other “tricks” that make any event easy. Hell, I ran through advanced just once with all 4 star heroes, one was only at 3/60… last I checked I was still top 500? Intermediate, same team, one time through, was top 150 last I looked, and it’s not even hard. You can find those “tricks” if you look around enough.

If rewards were better, a top 50 push isn’t too hard. I was doing that for Avalon, but I ran out of 2 key battle items, amd I’m not buying gems to buy infinite battle items and world energy tries like the top people do… don’t be fooled, at the top, it’s a money thing still.

But yes, Pirates is a lot easier than Avalon. Primarily due to Pirates not even needing a purger and no one is healing themselves for more than your specials hit and has a mana bar that fills up with 3 combos…

Thanks for the #humblebrag Lucas, but maybe next time offer up some of those tricks that helped you rather than an extended “ggez”.

For example, I saw that a lot of the top leaderboard players are using a 3/2 hero setup (3 of one color, 2 of another). I tried this on intermediate (with Wu, Jackal, Chao, Boldtusk, and Gormek) and it’s working really well so far. The aim is to quickly kill one hero so that you can ghost tiles through the opening to charge up most of your heros at the same time. It’s rough when you get a thin board, but if you get a nice combo it’s devastating.


Thanks for the tips, you two. :slight_smile:

Speed and health; key to a higher score.

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