New Challeng Events


Instead of always the top players getting all the best loot making them even better… provide some random draw loot for players that complete the events to so they have a chance to get some good loot too! Even the playing field a little bit.


Erm, they did. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My intent on the post was a regular smoe getting a random chance to get the kinda loot like the top 10 players get… otherwise only the top players will get the opportunity to get it. I have a decent team n play very regular n didn’t get anything worth having.


If you completed all 10 levels then you got 2-3 ascension materials “for free”.

That being said, I do think they should stretch out the reward brackets


Titans. Have had a 4* ascension item drop off a 5* titan.


Well I do think the “regular shmoes” could have gotten a nicer completion packet. (To be honest, I didn’t tally up all the prizes we won at every level, so maybe us shmoes were doing better than I think we were.) :smile:

My only request was that the “thanks for playing” prize be an Epic token, not a Summon token.


That’s 900 gems just for playing the game in value since you don’t even have to clear the first stage apparently to get a score? :slight_smile:

I’m all for increasing the rewards but participation awards should be near zero I think; almost everywhere else I can think of in game (except other than titans) you need to finish to get the candy.


But…but…but…! It SHOULD be an Epic token because I whine enough!! :laughing:


I’ve yet to get an ascension item from 5 and 6 star Titan defeats and in my team of 30 I do 10-20% of the damage! I’m really screwed over then!


I started getting nice ascension items here and there at 6* Titans.

Good luck!