New category just for complains and whining

As many topics are concerning complains only I suggest to create new category for them. Whining is allowed here :wink:
Complete category should be able to be muted so that players felling jangled can exclude them easily…cool idea? :sunglasses:

I am offended by this topic :slight_smile:

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I have no problem with a balanced, rational complaint.

Back it up with some screenshots or data if possible and the community is generally pretty receptive and helpful.

Even better, offer a constructive solution and listen to feedback.

But the old ‘how can I possibly lose’ whinge is pretty tiresome.

As is ‘I’ve sunk $1000 into this game but did not do any research and now I can’t ascend my 50 5* heroes and how come I didn’t get the hotm or guardian panther?!’

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I’m not much of a complainer but I see a lot of ppl giving very bad advise in the forum in general. Some is just misinformed (which I’m ok with) but some of it is just bad. Read the stuff before you post idiot.