New category for message boards

Can a new category for the message boards be created called “complaints” and all the complaining messages go / be moved there? I suspect that would take out 90 percent of the noise on the other categories.


How about a “who do I ascend next” forum as well since people seem to think the game play forum is not close enough as well.


Or more generally “advice sought”.

I think the reason the same complaint threads keep popping up is because there is never any answer from the devs or fix of the complaint.

If one of the devs would come in here and say, tough luck, we are rolling in the cash and we don’t care, we won’t change anything until profits start to fall, problem solved. Pin that front and center on the forums, make an in game link for the 99% who don’t visit here and problem solved. The number of complaints would drop because a lot of people wouldn’t spend if they knew how this company operates.

Option 2 would be to fix the complaints, which are almost all centered around the horrible odds. Well, again, that cuts into profits so it’s not going to happen.

Complaints are not going away, just as complaints about complaint threads are not going away. This is the forums, like it or not.

It’s not SGG’s practice to reply to general complaints. Bugs, yes. Know that these complaints are read, but do you really want two full time employees sitting replaying to every thread? I’d rather that they keep coding.

Like I said, 1 reply, posted front and center for everybody to read. It would take all of about 2 minutes to just come clean and let us all know exactly how they really feel.

There was one, that no longer seems like it is pinned. It even said "Read before posting things about “unfair pulls”. It being there didn’t stop people from posting, and while it could be that they didn’t read it, I suspect it has more to do with the need to vent or get sympathy than anything.

Honestly, if its between smashing their phone (or worse) and posting I would rather they vent, I just want to give them a spot to do it, because right now it creeps into almost every thread, no matter how appropriate it is to the subject.

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