New category for challenge event 🤔

To see who really covers all difficulties I would suggest:
A) add up all 3 ranks, who has the lowest score wins, or …
B) add up points from all difficulties, highest score win.

For example (makes sense when event over of course):

So at the moment my A) score is 871 and B) … too early to count anyway :smile:

What do you think, @zephyr1 and would love to compare here when event is over!? And maybe a loot category for that, SG? :thinking:

I think Version A is more interesting, because otherwise the points from Legendary effectively are worth more than Epic, and Epic more than Rare.

If I accomplish my goal, you’ll beat me by a lot, because I want to be as low in the Loot Tiers I’m aiming for as possible, so I don’t overplay. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thx for the fast feedback. Yes, i would like Version A too for reason you mentioned! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Combined 1125 ranks, must get far better (lower), anyone wanna join in? @zephyr1? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I posted here:

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First of all, whats your secret to getting rankings that high? Do you play each stage several times for better high scores? Do you use mono teams? I use my 4570 TP team in Legendary and never really get any better that a ranking of 25,000-35,000.

Only mono red, some mono dark, sometimes wu kong. I ain’t got Miki or tarlak and don’t use damage items in legendary, just time stop, tornado and big mana for wu, went zim-wilbur-boldtusk-falcon-Queen. Used about 15 flasks and repeated most of the stages about 5 times.

A bit sad that no one is interested in that idea of sharing/adding combined ranks, so what :upside_down_face:

i’d love this additional rank, good idea vanZille!

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