New buildings?


So season 2 is here. I was hoping to find out what the new buildings would be. If you haven’t noticed, several buildings have the convert button now and show that there are 2 new advanced buildings coming soon. Anyone know anything about this?


No new buildings are planned


Season 2 is about content, not new mechanics. We can all hope that, with Season 2 released, the development team can pivot to important improvements that were outlined for 2018 but haven’t shown up yet.


This showed up with the last content update. Something is definitely planned. I just don’t know what it is.



Yeah, it’s there now, but the question has been asked before and it’s been confirmed by @Petri that no new building are rolling out


Those ‚coming soon‘ boxes have been there forever. There is nothing planned. If you search forum about it you will find threads where ppl thought the same as you do 6 months ago


those have been there since the barracks came out


New buildings (except maybe alchemist lab) aren’t really necessary. What about higher levels for existing buildings?
This would also mean more high level items from forge. Or more training options from training camps. Like Atlantis training.
21 extra fast training 1 + 2* ( like lvl19)
22 Atlantis 3*
23 Atlantis 3 + 4 ( similar to tc13)
24 Guaranteed season 1 4* (tc 12)
25 Atlantis training 3, 4, 5 (tc20 equivalent)

New buildings

Just to clarify, not in this update, but there will be new buildings at some point (no ETA yet). :slight_smile:


Would be nice if there was a Troop training barracks… :wink:


Then perhaps the convert button should not be there if we’ve already converted into a barracks! Its very deceiving, i also have been waiting for new buildings in season 2 since i’ ve seen the convert button pop up and have been holding back upgrading other buildings thinking i had a new one i could build up on!!


How about some new battle items, debuff battle item, mana reducing or slowing.


Soon™ . I’m also working out at the gym soon™. :crossed_fingers::wink:


I have read that there is supposed to be a new building as a lab so we can actually convert certain materials into ascention materials. This comes as a high cost but now makes ascending all heroes possible for everyone and still at the slow pace but a little faster than it is now.


There have been lots of good player ideas for new buildings but no sight of anything in beta, nor any hint from staff about what they’re thinking.