New Buildings Spoiler?

What do you think!

For my nongerman friends: demnächst means „in the near future“

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I think that you just converted a farm to the barracks. The barracks allow you to upgrade your troops. I choose to convert a forge as I don’t seem to need more than 3.

But the 2 fields below the Barracks say „coming soon“. These seemingly are slots for new buildings to convert - don‘t you think?

Sweet… I just converted my barracks back to a forge and then i got the extra slots as well… (P.S. – i wasn’t trying to be a donkey, the extra slots weren’t there when I first opened the barracks up, but they are there now).

Those have been around like this for some time. At least 2-3 months. I remember because I’ve converted my barracks back then.

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Ouh man that‘s a bummer. Thought something new was incoming:( thanx for sharing this nonetheless!

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No worries - I haven’t seen it posted around so maybe you are the first to mention it :stuck_out_tongue:

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if i revert a conversion of a building do i lose the level i had in the troop barracks ?

No the level of both buildings always stays the same

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