New buildingsā€™ locations šŸ¤”

Where do you think the new buildings will be placed on our castles?
TBH I think on those 2 places

What do you think? :thinking:
Where else? :thinking:
Lets share our thoughts :smile:

I think I donā€™t need three forges and two of those will be converted.


You will need em when its an event time and you need to get some battle tools asap to help doing it.
I am running my x3 forgs all the time ā€¦ and having nightmare with iron :sob:

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I must be further along than you. My iron mines and forges are maxed and I have hundreds of every item that can be created with iron. I rarely use my forge now days and have an incredible glut of iron.

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As F2P I am playing for a while but I am a newbie after all ā€¦ july2017 aint long time ā€¦ I think you are right and yes playing longer than me. :hugs:

I think they should draw up a new plot of land that the mystic vision bridge leads to. It should have atleast 4 spaces for future planning


This may lead to open the castle cap.
To 40 maybe as our 4 spots opened by reaching lv20.

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I wonder about having to convert an existing high level building. For example a level 20 forge to alchemy lab.

To ask for this I assume your forgs are all level 20 :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise why to shot the sky?

Might convert Iron storage since we can have Nine of those.

Given the (add favorite derisive adjective) visuals, perhaps there will be a new Atlantis base.


Aha! Thank you @Kerridoc !! That makes sense, was wondering about the new building designsā€¦itch has been scratched!

9 iron storages? I have 5. But maybe i chose for other buildings instead? I just assumed we all ended up with the same number of each building?

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Iā€™ve discovered leaked photos of the new base


We all ends up with same amount indeed ā€¦ he/she might got confused or counted all the storages (iron/food) together.

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Sorry I was tired, I meant I had 9 farms and 5 iron storage.

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