New buildings for season two

I’m one of those people who now has all their buildings maxed. Season two didn’t bring us any new buildings but it still could. Why not allow for new buildings as you advance through the map? A better forge that can craft more items such as a monkey banner or other suggested new items or an advanced training camp for season 2 heroes and old HotM or a camp for producing recruits or even that alchemy lab has been talked about for forever now. Fit them into the story line somehow :smile:

Camp levels:
1 - Guaranteed 2* random color
2 - Advanced Fire II - 4* or less
3-6 - Same for other colors
7 - 1 hour training of random 1* or 2*
8 - Advanced Epic - better odds at 4* than any other training
9 - Faster guaranteed 3*
10 - Advanced Legendary - season 2 and old hotm included

Just some ideas…

We don’t need a new training camp, just to improve the current ones by getting rid of useless levels 14-18 (heroes of rare or lower rank). Many ideas have been discussed about it, most popular (I think) was to replace those 14-18 levels for trainer heroes training.

More buildings is a great idea but it would require rebuilding the base (making it bigger). More buildings is important because a) iron is basically useless after you build your entire base, the only other use is for crafting b) the VIP pass includes a second builder which is redundant when you have your base fully upgraded, it is a little unfair

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Wouldn’t necessarily have to expand base could just combine maxed storages to clear building space

My idea is to allow us to convert existing forges and camps into advanced ones with 10 more slots. I really like the idea of making trainer heroes too.

Wouldn’t be bad thing/idea to have a new block of land with new (different) buildings that appear once you have maxed out the current lots.

Would provide new incentives to complete everything and make it less boring.

Just a thought

I see no reason why the SH couldn’t be made to go to level 25 or even level 30. They may have to expand the levels of Storage for Farms and Iron, but it would result in more land area for more buildings.

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I think that the bridge behind the advertisement tower should be used for an alliance bridge. This would allow us to have an army base that during war our war defense team can go and we can have different war time missions and buildings that we can use to share resources

What if the bridge allowed allegiance with other alliance(s)? Then u could set a hero team to be “barrowed” for thier wars. Traditionally armies would be sent to help neighboring kingdoms at the risk of leaving themselves under protected.

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At the end of the day if SG wanted to expand the case it could be done as a base is just a feature and yes I would say that bridge is a good place to continue it from.

The question here is more likely what to expand it with, new types of buildings which would make more sense as this game and it’s players grow with it over time or continue by just increasing the number of current buildings.

IMP We should be trying to help SG (which we have on other threads) come up with ideas for 4 new building types.

If SG have any intentions having this game continue having long time players stay on and interested without getting bored these expansions are pretty much a must in the future .

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I’m all for it. Would love see in game market for trading materials. I would give up alot of loot to obtain compasses and hidden blades… :):relieved:

Add altar where heroes can be sacrificed for resources or change hero at the cost of gems.

Since all my buildings are maxed out … and iron is always maxed out… I recomend a trader… who converts food or iron to something else… example 100k iron trade for one diamond… atleast that way we can use it…

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