New Buildings change in new kinds of farming

I really miss new buildings.
It would be great to change a Iron Mine und juwels Mine

Or a food producing plant in recruiting office

Or ticket mine

Or Expedition office what collect a special item

Or a plant for clothing for really fast hero farming

yes, the expedition office would be IT.:+1::+1::+1:

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I already have an extensive idea has a “treasure seeking office”
(My native language is Polish and I write an forum using translator google, so please be understanding when it comes to spelling mistakes.)

I can see the idea like this:
In the “Twierdza” building there would be a new option “set up a treasure hunt office”
since the completion of the building process, a “exclamation” stamp appeared on the “stronghold” building indicating that there is a “office” service available

The first operation of the office would be the option “designate the search area”
automatically, after activating the action, the “player” will reach level 1 of the search area.
To unlock the next areas he would have to earn experience points in getting treasures.
After reaching the first level of the search area, the first 3 locations would appear. Let’s say it would be three stripes with names such as “Moring” “Gywir” “Rossin”

Each of the straps would be active. By clicking, for example, on “Moring”
we would learn about the possibilities related to this location.
For example: the distance from the destination is 8 hours.
little information, a reconnaissance is recommended

The player would have two options:

  • send a the recon team
  • send a team for the treasure.
    By sending a “reconnaissance” or “treasure hunt team” a player would have 5 heroes to designate. After leaving, the heroes would not be available for other activities in the game. Therefore, players would like to have as many heroes as possible from now on. Not 30 heroes, as it is now Now the more heroes the better.

The “reconnaissance” option
After 8 hours from sending the scout, an “exclamation mark” appeared on the Fortress.
We click on the “Fortress” and there, of course, on the “office” and there in the office is illuminated “Moring”
Click to learn about the fate of “reconnaissance”

Here, a random element would be introduced depending on the level of the treasure.
Either “reconnaissance” succeeds and we gain information and one point of experience in acquiring the treasure,
or we meet “guards” who will want us to turn back

When the reconnaissance succeeds, the information depends on how strong the team protecting the treasure is
If it is weaker than the “recon team” or stronger but only by 500 points we get information variant " A "
when it is stronger by 500-1000 points -we get the variant B information
when it is stronger by 1000 and more points -we get the variant C information

Variant A
we see the entire defense team of the treasury. As we see the team at the invasions.
we can see what is the level of the treasury eg 4
As with the titans, the 4th level of awards.
we can see how big is the chance to find a part of super treasure map.i jest to na przykład 20%

Variant B
we see the defense team of the treasury but only their colors and how many stars are the opponents (details and name of the bahater would be obscured)
we can see the level of the treasure, but in the range, for example, the level of the treasure between 4-6
we can see how big is the chance to find a part of the super treasure map. Also in the range, for example, 10-15%
Variant C
we see the treasury defense team, but only their colors and nothing more.
we can see the level of the treasure, but in the range, for example, the level of the treasure between 1-5
we can see how big is the chance to find a part of the super treasure map. Also in the range, for example, 0-20%

for a successful reconnaissance we receive one experience point in acquiring treasure

Option - meeting of the Guardians
Widzimy strażników - opcja jak się widzi przeciwnika na wojnie sojuszów

We have two options to choose from:
return to base
take a fight

The fight takes place on the principles of the war of the alliance, the option of the defending team, that is after the fight, we are left with the tele of life as we have saved by winning and the nama is zeroed.

when we lose the fight, we automatically return to the base. When we win, we have two options:
return home
continuation of reconnaissance

continuation of reconnaissance after the fight. The strength of our team is reduced by losses in combat. This is important when it comes to the amount of information we can get from the reconnaissance

continuing the reconnaissance, we can again come across another team of guards (option for the location where there is more valuable treasure)
or complete the reconnaissance by collecting information

After a successful scouting action, we can send a team for the treasure. This team will not come across the guards because thanks to the reconnaissance action, they know how to go to avoid them. He only has to defeat the treasure protecting team.
After winning, he collects prizes and 3 experience points in search of treasure.

There is also an option to send a team for a treasure without sending a recon team first.
In this option, the team fights in turn with all the guard teams and finally with the defensive team of the treasure.

A map of super treasures.
If the player manages to collect all the parts of the super treasure map, a new location appears where the “great prizes” will be won

I mean rewards like a colorful chest or war chest

Worn locations will reactivate after a while. Information would be replied “eg in the area” Moring "a new place was found, where there may be a treasure, little information, recommended reconnaissance.

And how do you like this idea?

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