New buildings and shortcuts

The shortcuts to quests/raids/map/heros/missions/alliance/inbox/shop and inventory at the bottom of the screen are essential, however, each of these buttons should also be in a building suited for it.
For instance, within the watchtower there should be a button to raids.
A house should have a shortcut to heroes.
A tavern that has a shortcut to quests, map, missions and global chat.
An arena can host wars and titan battles.
A treasury that takes you to inventory
A market that goes to the shop

Of course these buildings would have other features as well and can be leveled.

Many of these can be advanced buildings like the barracks, and the soon to be Alchemy lab

There can be deals with % off of items and offers according to how high level your market is, or reward loyalty by getting further deals in certain items in the market depending on how high your player level is.
Adding these buildings to your village would make it feel more like a kingdom.

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