New buildings - Advanced Mine – can only convert one with Stronghold 21 [SOLVED: Working as Designed]

I can’t convert Mine Level 20 to Advanced Mine Level 1. In release note of version 22 there is information about new advanced building which are available with Stronghold lvl 21. I upgraded stronghold to level 21 and when I want to convert mine to advanced mine there is information that I Stronghold level 23 is needed? It’s a bug?

Screen below:

In the current version you can only convert one mine to advanced mine… I assume you have already done that. :slight_smile:


Are you sure you do not have 1 converted mine already?
As for now there can be only 1 conversion done for mines/houses/farmes.


Yes I have one Advanced Mine. I didn’t now only one is allowed. What a strange requirement. Why they didn’t mention it in release note?

This picture will appear when you click the CONVERT in option instead of UPGRADE…

Yeah it’s strange indeed, and even I didn’t know that. I found out as I was trying to convert a 2nd mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is weird mye strongholds level 21 and already got my advanced mind going up to level 3 advanced am I working with a bug because of what let me upgrade the stronghold anymore than 21 but it’s letting me upgrade my advanced mine to level three already

There’s no bug. The limit of level 21 is for the stronghold. You can level your advanced buildings to 10.

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