New Buildings 2023?

Hello together,

I could remember that there were new buildings in the outlook for 2022. Is there anything in pipeline, that these buildings are coming in 2023?


The building is in a place, De Lay.


Staff said this in 2022.

Hopefully this year something will arrive.
It will be might mentioned in the Sneak Peek for 2023 if there will be any.


when does the sneak peak usually occur ?

In the second half of January.

Last year it was released on January 21st.


IF new building is not coming this year, how about upgrading the existing ones. Possibly Stronghold level 30 with Farms and Mines double (triple the production rates) and corresponding storages capacity quadruple. We always have new heroes, LB, and new buildings - Alchemy, Hunters Lodge and Heroes Academy requiring Ham and ham$. It is better to have left overs than starving.

we don’t need more in production and the storage is already good. if you want more iron or ham . does as we buy it directly from the in-game store. it costs almost nothing

Think we’re at a good place to stop trying to get MORE MORE MORE of everything. They’ll likely add the dragon building and a level or two to the stronghold to enable it. Doubt we’ll see much more than that… maybe an extra Advanced Farm and Mine.

I think this year (2023) staff has taken a break so that they can work on something BIG and Significant!!! Probably next year we would witness huge change in overall gameplay….
My speculations :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Don’t make the alpha ethers laugh…

New building aren’t profitable

Check the dated Training camp, 99% people use 3-5 lvls of it…

First they should update the game, the UI and many other things instead of working on releasing lots and lots of events and new heroes…

But its SG/Zynga… The attitude towards the players was crappy, is crappy and will stay crappy…
No matter what the community write, they have their plan which is milking the community and squeezing the lemon…


I personally am not excited for new buildings, I really don’t miss the long wait times, or the “oh p@@p, I can’t upgrade to the next level until I get more iron storage… AND oh wait, I can’t research this level until I get more food storage…”

It took soooo long to get to HA10 and to AL10 before :joy: and I just kept thinking


Unless they can easily rehash some existing code, they’re not going to add any new buildings because it doesn’t make them any money.

Yes. By next year 50% of the player base will be playing other games if they keep the current pace :sweat_smile:

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This game will still be making them several million a year with 50% of the players gone. We’ll see.

I want a second hero academy

What about the excitement when it’s finish and you finally can start using it

I haven’t built anything since the HA10… It’s for how long? Years?

The game in the beginning was really fun cause you actually develop your village and not only endlessly pull and lvl heroes…

IMHO of course

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Fair enough, I’d probably be more excited if HA10 had personally given me better results though :slight_smile: I personally found the building times so tedious that the happiness from completing the buildings didn’t really make up for it…

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Having 2 HA10 for example will rise the change won’t it?

Maybe. I’m just giving my personal feeling and opinion on building times, of course I appreciate the chance of getting a good hero from HA10.

And of course the long building times are both more fun and more worth it for some other players. I just personally find them extremely tedious. And my personal HA results have been very lackluster.

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For HA10, i wouldn’t mind a second one. TBH, i would rather see S3 added soon