New buildings 2021

Any new buildings planned for 2021? Would like to convert remaining legacy farms and mines, and how about something new to build. My builders haven’t worked in months and they are restless.

How about level 30 stronghold? Level 30 farms and mines. Coding wouldnt be that hard, and something new.


What if, increase capacity of iron and food storage to billion capacity each for immediately implementation.

@Petri any new buildings coming up. Appreciate all the quests and missions, but would be nice to use builder’s again. It’s been about a long time. More houses would be appreciated to help fully utilize HA. As well as more food storage for same reason.

As far as what’s been shown, there seems to be no plans or intentions of new buildings.

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What’s the point of new buildings? There’s no money in it what so ever… beside, there’s no time for that unproductive nonsense as long as they are bussy creating new ways to make already OP heroes stronger (see limit breakers). Soon as defense heroes will get limit breaked, raiding will die.

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My builder has been idle for months. I’m just enjoying it doing nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I could get on board with another Advanced House to produce recruits, and/ even a second Hero Academy.

IMHO, the best building update would be a tc21 for the chance to train S2 5* heroes. I write tc21, because when was the last time they added anything new to tc20. :rofl:

Hard pass on any additional Advanced Mine or Farm. Someone has done the math previously, and you basically lose out (loss of production while building IIRC).


Agreed, access to S2 heroes would be a welcomed change for many. As for your builder, look at the bright side. You can convert buildings at will now.

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Hahaha. I’ve dismissed my second builder since I don’t have additional buildings to build. I don’t care about the daily gems, emblems, loot tickets and additional feeder pull from the VIP Pass.

I would love to have a 2nd HA, too. For troop production. Was hoping they would release Advanced Training Camps where S2, S3 and event heroes can be trained.

Yup. It is a losing feature for those who will play in a limited amount of time or those who see themselves already at the point of quitting. But in actuality, the ROI can be recovered for several months, ideal to players who still see themselves playing for years to come. I have mine fully maxed and will probably max new ones.


My guys retired it’s been so long since they did anything :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I get there is no money, but at least let us finish upgrading all the advanced properties. No reason not to let more storage as well. Not alot to code, just change a few specs and regression test haha

Let’s build the Empire :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I hope I can get some more Gil Ra from that too!!!

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Can we have more advanced buildings made available please another level of stronghold if needed for more buildings even though it will take weeks to upgrade

It has been mentioned in the Spring 2021 Q&A and they have been quiet about it and possibly hinted to see some next year. It’s now a waiting game for new buildings