New building: university

Maybe it’s a training camp for Atlantis heroes??? We are getting to the end of season 2 and nobody knows what is going to happen after we complete it. Is the Atlantis portal ever going to come back??? Is that center structure going to open and be a second base for us???

I was hoping it would be a training camp for troops though. I’ve been playing around 8 months and highest level troop is level 16.

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That’s never going to happen. People will be selling heroes to make a profit and SG doesn’t want to open that can of worms. That could possibly be the downfall of the game.

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Not suggesting any type of trading it would wreck the game. Suggesting a building like the barracks for converting resources items ingredients and or heroes into say a tarlak or guin or whatever else you want. The cost of which would be in reach of the f2p and a little easier for the pay to player. If for instance it cost 10 5* to start the research to make a Guin most f2p would take too long to get some p2p would do it but not all and if it takes 2 months say to cook 1 hero it would have a long term effect but in the short run it would only effect end game players

I know something like this would keep my interest. But as it is I dont spend on much anymore. I already have 40 heroes for wars most I dont use for much other than wars. Even with the class system it is only a matter of time before it unbalances things further between p2p and f2p.

I don’t mean trading with other players. That’d be a terrible idea. I just mean in the system, at random. Example: you put in Aegir. You would recieve a random HOTM in return. Do you think that would be possible?

Would most likely still screw f2p and c2p due to not pulling such heroes.

Good idea, but definitely needs tweeking.

I worry that people would quickly figure out what the best thing to make is, then everyone (who is rich) would immediately make 5 of them for defense and 30 of whatever is the best for offense.

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20 giant bingos right there

They would also be the same colour, use the same skill, need the same ascension mats, so I don’t think that’s totally true

Yes, to be fair, it likely wouldn’t be quite as simplistic as I presented it.

But it would probably drive people to all make “the meta”, whatever the meta happened to be (or it would “set” the meta). And then whenever the meta shifted, they’d all shift in step along with it.

We’d see a lot of copy cat teams, I fear.

My thinking it would just be a group of 5* heroes in addition to the TC20 heroes for F2P heroes to acquire. Nothing game changing where that group of heroes would have “top 5” heroes in it.

If this worked In combustion with the barracks and TCs to centralize hero updates / cut down timers it could be a good way to streamline some functionally and improve the UX

Example - view 4 training camps from one menu, manage queues, etc instead of clicking on 4 individual buildings that operate independently

Could do small tweaks like Running 2 TC20 in parallel is 5% cheaper and 10% faster… and run from the same queue instead of moving stuff around inefficiently

Although - that’s probably more like a bank than a university :wink:

Maybe instead of the confusion using players might cause, because I assume if someone was trading in a say… Boril 450… that they would expect to get higher value than say someone with a Boril 230. That seem ma like trilcky parameters and lots of reworking the sysytem. Who knows though? I don’t and won’t ever write in game algorithms. What if say we had something involving a sysytem that allowed us to use items in r inventory which we know have set values, to get some of the ascension items we really need? Example. I have a ridiculous amount of of orbs and no more characters in the purple element but really need a couple telescopes. Could something like that work and also b helpful. It’s a super crappy place to b in when u have characters sitting at 70 that u can do nothing with. Anyway just spit balling. I like the idea of a place that allows players to unload items they won’t use for ones they will. I think because the game does need to still b making money that this sort of action should b limited to say 6 weekends a year where the Marketplace that u could do this in is open. Hint hint. Check out ideas in…

And I’ll wrap up by saying that anyway for players to feel rewarded by the game other than by winning would b a nice gesture on select dates. That’s all. Have a good day all! :smile:

Lots of ways to tweak the idea.

Trading only within alliances and both players need to be part of the alliance for 3 months to gain the rights to trade.

Game. Not. Broken.

Trading is not part of a University. There’s a whole thread about trading; please keep discussion of trading over there.h


No trading!! Lolz just a way to make good use of useless heroes items and other resources not being used much in end game.

I hope so. It is needed. End game players need a way to use up stuff that we currently cannot.

My Wu Kong would love a Degree on Economics.

Mine is more like John Belushi in animal house … is flirting with coeds a BoS or BoA?

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