New building type


Blacksmith - Convert any building into a blacksmith. One allowed at a time. Food, iron, and multiples of low level ascension items (2* and lower) can be used in a recipe for a random rare (3* plus) ascension item. Or even a chance for one. Time to craft and resource amounts to be determined.


I lile the blacksmoth proposal… But if the gamemakers are leary of allowing the crafting of ascension items, i was thinking the blacksmith could generate different shields, weapons, and armor to be added to your current players like a pin. Say you crafted a shield and pinned it to a hero with low defense, the shield would improve their defense marginally. Same with a sword for a hero of low attack. You could also have the option to merge the items together to level them up in a sense; this option could be available at later levels of the building.


Blacksmith (or AlchLab) are often demanded. Everyone would like that for sure


Hello everyone. SG responded to this request.