New Building Type: The Seamstress

There ought to be a later stage building where you can create costumes. Call it the Seamstress. Just like the training camp you can select certain categories (i.e. purple, red, blue; common, elite, etc) but otherwise its still random as to whose costume comes out. It is limited to only heroes you actually have but otherwise it could be anyone.

Love this idea, but without benefit to revenue it’s difficult to envision them doing something like this…. The cost would have to be ghastly to make it worthwhile for SG.

We can always hold hope :grin:

This is actually a 10/10 idea! It increase revenue by assuring Players that they could summon for any and every hero and if the day ever came that they came out with a costume they wouldn’t have to

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That sounds like such a fun idea :100:

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I could see them doing it. There will be folks who buy the resources with gems. Perhaps introduce a resource you have to hunt for or produce in addition to the usually food/iron. Call it sacred thread or something. More basic for a 2 star costume and elite for a 5 with everything else in between.


I like the idea, but don’t think insuring we summon more won’t be enough for sg, think only way they’ll do it is if there is some gem cost, great idea though

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I do love this idea, and I’m all for it. One addition i would make is it would give you the option of that hero’s costume only, with a 10% chance of getting a hero and a costume of which you don’t have.

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A seamstress cannot create people, just clothes. In theory she could alter a costume though. So if you have two of one, she can convert it to another one in the same color.

you could also add a costume into the seamstress, and they’ll give you a different costume than the one that was put in. Example: Putting in Elena’s costume would mean the costume you get, could be any of the 5*, except Elena.

yes, or if you put in say 5 4 stars to get a 5 star

Folks could be yarning for this.