New building to improve ascenion/ crafting materials/trading


Perhaps this a little too far fetched but, can we get a new bulding for trading/ improve items?

What i mean by improve items would be like…

1000 daggers -> 1 sturdy shield.

The 1/2* ascenion items, with enough of them should be able to turn into 3* ascenion items. 3s should be able to become 4 ascenion items. Colours shouldnt be mismatched either. For example, i should need 10 hidden blades to make 1 mystic ring (red ascenion items) instead of 10 sturdy shields to make 1 mystic ring. ( green -> red).

Similar deal for crafting items so maybe we can make more tornados / time stops?

And having a trading post to be able to trade HEROES and ASCENION items between alliance members?

Thoughts on this idea?


Actually this is a fairly popular idea right now (trading between players in an alliance, merging items to obtain better items).

If you do a search for “trade” you’ll find a bunch of them. :wink:

@Coppersky, please merge topic.

EDIT: I did like the clarity with which your version of the idea was expressed. Just sayin…


Thanks for letting me know. I wasnt aware. If there’s this much support for it, make it happen!


waves magic wand:grin: