New Building, the Altar

My new building idea is called the Altar. It’s purpose would be to target a specific hero for summoning of your choice.

Let’s say you really want Tarlak. You could set your Altar to summon Tarlak and for every 3 star hero I send to the altar it will progress summoning him by say 0.5%, for every 4 star hero 3% and a 5 star hero would give something like 5%. Once I reach 100% it summons Tarlak to my roster and all the other hero’s would be lost.

The numbers could always be tweaked to however SG see’s fit but I think this would be a solid solution for 1. long time players who have a big roster but are still searching for very specific hero’s they still need and 2. When you spend big for a hero and fail to pull them, this gives you a back up plan for all the duplicate / unneeded hero’s to still turn them into something valuable.

SG still makes money because you need an ample amount of hero’s to sacrifice at the alter but the player is happy because in the end they get the hero they wanted.


So, how exactly will SG be making money ever again if you could get the hero you want by feeding away 3*? All you have to do is set all 4 camps on TC12 and wait it out… 50 days later you have a guaranteed Alberich or Gravemaker… for free… as much as I like your idea, you will never see it coming online…


As I said the numbers can be tweaked how they see fit, drop 3 stars to 0.25% or 0.1% if they’re that worried. However, my counter argument would be that top level competitive players simply won’t wait 50 days for one hero, even if it is free, they will still spend to have it NOW.

And honestly if anyone was willing to dedicate their camps to TC12 for 50 days they probably should get something fairly useful, not sure that’s the case right now, not to mention the opportunity cost EXP wise not being able to run TC19, TC2, etc.

Thanks for the discussion.

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I agree with you both
Maybe they can limit the sacrificing for 5-10 heroes a day? And have some tweaks as well
If you want HoTM u should only put HoTM to get higher percentage or you will get a max of 2.5%
If you want season 2 heroes you have to gove away season 2 heroes for higher percentages
And so on for seasonal and challenge heroes

Maybe i will get a use of the 5 remaining Rudolphs (i have summoned 11 in total, 1 is maxed the other almost there) ans get Santa

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I’m not sure about a limit, I think it’d be better to tweak the percentages in a favorable way (for SG) and then let people spend like they do now but if they fail to get the hero they’re after it’s time to hit the Altar.

I like the idea that if you’re targeting a HotM at the altar then sacrificing another HotM would give a nice bonus towards the % and similarly if you’re targeting Santa, sacrificing other event hero’s from the same event like Rudolph could give a little boost to the %'s.

Essentially basic season 1 hero’s would give a small % to ANY type of hero, but HotM when targeting HotM, seasonal for seasonal, event for event, and season 2 for season 2 would give better percentages for their specific targets.

Nice idea!!

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This one creeps me out a bit. At least officially we are “training” our feeder heroes. “Sacrificing” them kinda takes it to a new level of ick. :-1:

haha you’re right, let’s just say they go to pray at the altar and when they’re done they get to retire and take a nice nap then!

Lol :laughing:. That would be preferable, but this is a bloodthirsty group…I’m preeeetttty suuure they would end up sacrificing them anyway. :angry:

I can see this turning into a blood bath of 3* summons tc12 by the 2pw spenders overnight just to get specific heros for sure.

If some of you are calling getting a HOTM once a year as a loyality reward a game changing thing that you wouldn’t want but yet is equal and fair towards every player, what do you think this concept is if it isn’t another form of pay to win.

Yes f2p players can throw in a few duplicates but at what rate compared to those paying and they would if it ment geting what they actually wanted without any doubts what so ever.

Although the concept sounds like a great idea the end result is, may ad well setup allience trading then and let the blood bath take over the game completely.

Summons won’t ever be about trying for or hoping for a 5* anymore they will be about getting 3* or whatever to be fed for the hero they actually want. WOW, lol

Sorry guys, just my take this.


@Ozy1 Preach it, bro!!!


Guaranteed premium stuff for free - ofc everyone thinks this is great idea.

Except it is not. It would kill the game in couple months. They know it too well, which is why there is no place in game you can get a guaranteed hero. Except winning event, to what I can say good luck trying. Just get over it. You don’t want every player in the game to have Guin, GM, Tarlak, Panther etc and this us exactly what would happen. You’d probably never see any other heroes again.


It would be boring. This game has depth and stays fresh because of the variety. It’s most fun and challenging when you play the hand you’re dealt (…and get a great board…and win!!!)

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LOL! I’m sure Morgan Le Fey is treating those Aife’s she keeps getting sent to her to “train” with really well :stuck_out_tongue:

I was always worried about what a creepy old man Caedmon was, preying on innocent woodcutters and village waifs who can’t even tie their own shoes.

Gosh forbid we have a sacrificial altar. Sartana and her Death Ray are shocked and scandalized.

Limit the contribution to the altar to 1 hero per day.

Problem solved

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70 percent of players in high diamond have GM already. Guin isn’t that far behind. If you take the big 5 as a pool, chances are that any given high diamond team has one or more of them is extremely high.

The boring argument was lost long ago.

Allow a grind to target a hero. Make it tough. It’s a bit more equitable and a lot more fun


You guys are getting caught up on the 3 star thing, all it would take is a simple adjustment to the numbers and viola no issue. Something like Season 1, 3 star = 0.01% progress so if you want to train 10,000 3 stars from TC12 be my guest!

Agreed with Ian and Ozy. Some have a lot of HOTM dupe, they can easily sacrifice it to get the heroes they want, after that, they will have the missing heroes they need and stop buying gem.
And F2P will still left behind.

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What happens when you pull the hero you are sacraficing for? Would you even bother spending gems on summons even since you could get the hero you wanted free? Does it only allow 5* or could a new player summon a Wu Kong?

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