New Building: Stasis Chamber

Likely the basement of the Hero Academy or something.

Like the sleep pods in Alien. For duplicates.

Tied to leveling mechanism, existing storage capacity, etc

Sure — I don’t want to look at them every day — but I don’t want to eat them either.

  1. Put things in status state — meaning I cant take them back out for x time.

  2. Start with 10 to 20; which is enough for 1 to two sets of classes or whatever is important… can convert a normal storage slot to stasis slot for gems.

  3. Small … SMALL… directed stat bonuses team for adding heroes. Right now duplicates are worthless — this makes them have some worth.

Example: .00000x chance of a Random bonus crit (aka eye candy) on a Y colored Titan with Z heroes in stasis.

  1. Basically if things migrate here … it becomes a staging area for Potential future changed.

Example: Can “juice”/ trade duplicates That don’t fit plan for Alkashards.


Because of the accessibility, S1 heroes Can’t be equal to others.

Tied to account level.

Capped max values (50% ish of regular) require you to optimize much like teams today. Can’t just dump everything in a hole.


Much of the workflow is an integration of existing screens and flows — Is complimentary, and can be passively monetized In a couple of ways with minimal potential friction.


I searched:

This is similar.

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