New building - meat grinder

Hello guys!

Since most of my posts on this forum are just complaints, I decided to try to help improve the game for once.

So, probably like many other players, I have a huge amount of recruits stored in my training center:

Currently there’s no good use for them and the number just keeps growing. To remedy this situation I would like to propose introduction of a new building - the meat grinder. It would enable players to magically transform unneeded recruits (and possibly heroes) into ham and/or other resources. Details still need to be figured out though. I also prepared a (low quality, sorry!) conceptual picture:

Do you think this could be useful?

No way. Maybe you could sacrifice them reducing building time 10 recruits= 1 min building.

They could be also used to level troops.

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I think a small amount of resources (1k ham per recruit?) could be viable.
Speeding up building doesn’t really help me, I have everything built & upgraded already.

Or, less helpfully but more thematically, it could turn out a new kind of Hero in a random Element. This Hero would be called Fresh Meat, and would work like a Trainer Hero, but worth a little more XP.

The key here is, unlike regular Trainer Heroes, Fresh Meat can only be fed to non-Human, non-Undead Heroes to level them up.

It’s a pitty you are far of from hero academy. Than you could unload recruits to train troops and free up ham in the process.

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I’m not into conspiracy theories, but if SG actually stands for Soylent Green there could indeed be a chance for this building. Lol


I have Hero Academy built. The screenshot you see here is some random picture from the Internet. It was easier to edit than my crowded base. :slight_smile:

So what are you doing with HA? It does use a lot of recruits and would remedy your problem, unless somehow you are only using levels 9 and 10.

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Sorry, but isn’t that what it’s all about? TC 20 delivering endless Little johns and Elenas just for food?

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Right now I’m waiting for level 10 upgrade, 1d 10h to go. But even if I can eventually turn all these recruits into troops, I’d love to have more options.

I seriously doubt they see us as people but more an exploitable resource.

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TC20 converts troops into heroes, I want to convert them into ham (or possibly other things).

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So do many of us. We would love TC20 to deliver anything fast and useful.

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Upload tc queue untill max recruits

Concert advanded houses to normal ones to kill recruits.

Covert back to advanced to create more space for recruits

Repeat until you got the food you want.

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That’s a good advice thank you, but all I can achieve this way is getting my ham back and getting rid of the recruits. And the whole point of this new building would be converting recruits into resources, so you don’t have to just throw them away or stuff into HA.

FYI, switch a tc to TC1; you will burn through that buildup of recruits, wonder where you can get more ham and level up scores of heroes.


And use all those swords you’ve been hoarding. :slight_smile:

This is a damn good thing. Just deleted 300 days of recruits for food. Still 500 days left.

Kinda just need 3-5 days anyway on a TC. Thanks for the info.

What do they actually get used for?

It used too. The game rewarded players that played those that didn’t missed out. Now its buy buy buy.

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