New building for "missions"


Here is a new idea I haven’t seen here (could be wrong?)

What is we could add a new dynamic to the game and a new building!?

The idea would be similar the the mobile game “fallout shelter” or world of Warcraft’s missions. These would kinda like quest you send your heroes out to complete for you rather than matching tiles.

You would send your party of heroes out if your base, which would make them unusable untill the task/quest was completed or failed. As the player you would have to decide which heroes you could continue to play with while they are locked out. Do you send Guinevere on a mission or keep her on defense?

With tieing the new game play to a building you can offer better more challenging missions and possible rewards.

But why would this be beneficial? Well it would offer players a new way to gather materials and rewards! Maybe a mission to find troups (earning an epic Troup token) maybe to go slay a dragon for ascension mat? Maybe recruit special heroes that can only be obtained though missions?

But what would small giant benefit from this? Since the game is already based on probability and the players are not actually playing the missions I would hope they may have some of the tools in place already? There is no actual game play on the servers, but rather heros locked out of use for a predetermined amount of time, once released back to play a % chance of a reward

This also encourages players to continue growing heroes and teams. At some point players will have more heroes than know what to do with. Rather than have them just sit unleveled they will be engaging with the game trying to advance.

This would also add a new dynamic to the game as players will have to choose and make up strategies for what they can afford to do without if using specific heroes on missions. Some missions may have requirements to do, for example “this mission requires 3 healers” or this mission requires a hero rattibg of x or higher"

I am sure the community could expand alot as this is just a simple idea from one person.

Sorry for the post format as I posted this from a mobile device.