Building progresses from 1-10 LEVEL.

  • You can only grow 5* heroes (1 per 3 months) //

  • Each level of temple increases speed of creation (limit of heroes grown remains same)

  • provides random daily bonus in gain 5-20% from various options (food, iron, recruits, experience, chance of troops, chance of 1*2 heroes , gems from rewards, research time reduction, training time reduction) ,

  • Each level of temple offers new possible researches for hero special skills. After you choose research, QUEST opens with objective ( for example : defeat 100 heroes with this kind of skill to learn knowledge)

  • Skills are more vanilla than exotic ( idea is to provide f2p players with hero skills, which they need most at 5*, while for big spenders, they have another niche thing to develop and spend)

  • Once you finish quest and hero was devoted in temple for enough time, you can recruit him ( activation requires 1 4* ascension item of each type (excluding tome of tactics) , 20 training manuals + 50 embles of unlocked talent class. Hero starts as lvl 1.

If you are unhappy with how hero turned out, you can put him back into temple for 1 month to develop other subskill (hero limit of recruited at 1 is postponed for 1 month). Nothing else will change for this hero.

  • Hero power is somewhere between Vanilla and HOTMs (weaker then premium or seasonal portals)/ random attack/ def/ HP stats.
    -Hero talent and subskill is random (unless you pay with gems - 1000 gems each - option for big spenders)

  • Name is random (from lesser known people from history.) Big spenders can pay 400 gems to decide on their own, which of the available names will be taken.

  • Hero ability consists of one main skill and one subskill (researches till lvl 5 with lesser strenght). Your main skill can also be from researches lvl 5 and bellow, but with added strenght. Hero is limited to only 1 damaging ability and or 1 healing ability. Ability with slower speed decides HERO casting speed!

OPTIONS to choose from :
TEMPLE lvl 1 : (FAST SPEED)damaging spell to target, attack boost to caster, minion for caster
TEMPLE lvl 2 : healing for caster, spell defense for caster, defense down to a target
TEMPLE lvl 3 : (AVERAGE SPEED) damage to nearby enemies, cleanse for caster, dispel for target,
TEMPLE lvl 4 : healing for nearby alies, defense for nearby allies, minions for nearby allies,
TEMPLE lvl 5 : (SLOW SPEED) damage to all targets, healing for all allies,

TEMPLE lvl 6 : (FAST SPEED) defense for all nearby allies, attack up for nearby allies, regen HP for nearby allies, increase mana regen for caster
TEMPLE lvl 7 : (AVERAGE SPEED) attack up for all allies, defense up for all allies, counter attack for nearby allies, minions for all allies
TEMPLE lvl 8 defense down to nearby enemies, protection from element for nearby allies, any sort of DOT dmg to nearby enemies (water, fire, poision, sand, blood)
TEMPLE lvl 9 gives small amount of mana to all allies, increase mana regen to all allies, cleanse for nearby allies, dispell for nearby allies
TEMPLE lvl 10 (SLOW SPEED) 30% resurrection for nearby allies with 15% HP, HP boost to nearby allies, shared dmg allies, shared dmg enemies, nearby enemies cant cast special.

All Values are slighlty lower than usual heroes.
For example dmg to target is 380%, damage to 3 at average speed is 240% or 285% to target and minor to nearby or 220% dmg to all enemies at slow speed.

ATTACK : 723
HP : 1310
SPECIAL : DEALS 240% to target and nearby enemies (lvl 3 subskill).
Nearby allies regen 320 HP over 3 turns

(this skill of HP regen is fast speed = as shown in lvl 6 main skill) but since subskill is slower, then hero special is of that speed = AVERAGE

SEEMS usefull as well as for f2p as for whales :slight_smile: Everyone will be holding breath how hero will turn out in the end (talent, element, subskill and stats wise) = exciting feature :slight_smile:

Vote and comment! :slight_smile:

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