New Building. "dismiss" heroes for ascension materials. Let's give new Life to our duplicates

I think the lack of ascension materials is one of the biggest issues of the game and of course the logic is for them to be very rare. What about a New Building type where i can “dismiss” a couple of unnecessary heroes in order to obtain high level ascending materials? Let’s face the truth you will never allow people to swap heroes with each other, we all know why. So why not allow people to use their duplicates in a better way?

I dismiss 3 - 3 stars - heroes, and i get a basic ascending material.
i dismiss 5 - 4 stars - heroes, and i get a rare ascending material.
i dismiss 3 - 5 stars - i get 1 legendary ascending material.

something like this…

Let’s imagine i have (witch is real actually) 5 tabards. Kunchen at level 70. and 2 Domitias that i’m not using. Even tho i don’t normally summon anymore on the elemental summon because i have better heroes, i could be “tempted” to purchase some gems and summon on purple elemental day, in order to get a third 5 stars, “sacrifice” it together with my 2 Domitias in order to max my Kunchen.

I think would work both in your interest and our as players, and wouldn’t affect in ANY way the balance of the game.

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