NEW BUILDING add iron building at lev 11 & match raids by team power not acquired trophies


Need additional iron bldg, & match raids by team power not acquired trophies


If you’re short iron to upgrade stronghold, check your barracks as that is,likely culprit


New building should produce troops with chances of 3* and 4*.


You mean like the TC13 already gives? :thinking:


He said troops, not heros


My bad, so he did! Apologies Bantu!

Just a thought/question: How many buildings might they add before we feel the pinch? I don’t mind giving a Forge to a Barracks building…but I only have so many Forges, and folks keep suggesting new buildings, yet there is no new land being provided… :confused:


I would give up all but one forge and maybe even all since we can switch back and forth. Not to mention I have way more iron than I need so I wpuld give up all mines and stores. Well not all forever. But i think the point is that we could choose and there are oprions. That said I dont think they would implement that many buildings.
Troops building is not likely as we cant make lower level even, although not a bad idea to change recruits to troops


I think 1 forge is enough, for me at least, I would convert the other 2 in whatever they bring next, and since we have the possibility to convert back and forward there shouldn’t be problems.


I wouldn’t like to see anything iron related added because I am maxed out more often than not. Everyone has different wants and needs. I think making one spot our choice would be nice. You can add iron, I can add food, Fred can add a training camp etc. The point is to make it “dealers choice”.


How do you stock too much iron? I can’t build for need of iron . Mabe once I upgrade everything I’ll have too much iron in Stock also


It’s a building level thing.

When your buildings are sufficiently high then the rate of upgrade starts becoming much slower than your rate of earning iron, so you find yourself with too much more often than not. (My iron is maxed at 922K with still 15h to go on my keep upgrade, and no ability to use it to craft anything that needs it because all those items also need Metal Ores and I’m constantly running out of that).

I don’t see a need for more iron producing buildings, unless the upgrade pace is going to improve (which it won’t), or they change some of the crafting recipes to remove the metal ores bottleneck (which they won’t).