New bug with Hatter of 3 seasons Valghalla

See why the stealing buff doesnt works correctly and why ultas goes on all heroes?


It looks like hatter stole the buff fine & assigned it to Black Knight.

The second time he MISSED due to the blind that came from the Niflheim Realm Bonus.

This is also the effect which went on all your heroes (the Niflheim Realm Blind)

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For reference this is the Niflheim Realm description and icon:


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But the problem is why the stolen buff is activated, and why after Black knight buff diesnt work, and the end why buff hit all heroes of my team with buff of Black knight?

Because it doesn’t come from a special skill I believe.e

Black Knights Taunt only affects special skills (hence why slash attacks can hit anyone).

So because it’s not a special skill but instead a Realm Bonus, it isn’t affected by taunt.


Not right, i mean this effect

What exactly do you mean?
I can’t find issues in your clip.

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I guess the hatter stealing the buff is considering the buff ended and the damage got applied.
It doesn’t look right. Does it also happen if the buff got removed too or the enemy died?

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It looks like a unique situation caused this. I think it glitched because neither team had the buff when it ended. When Hatter stole the buff at the end, he may have missed applying it. In that case, the effect would end as a “neutral” buff which then hit both teams. Bypassed Taunt because it wasn’t an enemy attack. That’s the only explanation I can think of that would make sense.

I the target or targets die from Hatter’s special so that there is nobody left, then he doesn’t get to steal the buff(s) for some reason. It’s annoying I know, but that’s the way it works for some reason.

I do not agree with the conclusions, this buff removes the hatter and cannot take damage, and on the contrary, when the ult ends, the buff should work on all heroes as it is written … Correct the bug! Or reclaim all spent resources on the hatter …

Hold on let me activate my special mod powers here on the forum…

Did that work?

I’m just a player mate. I can’t do anything other than to try providing my thoughts & trouble shoot it with you… I don’t have An-Windur nor am I that far thru the S3 map so I’m unfamiliar with the special skill…

I just looked up the exact wording of BK’s Taunt and I think I found the cause of this. Taunt means that the enemy can’t cast Special Skills on his allies. The effect in question isn’t actually a Special Skill targeting them. It’s an attack triggered by the end of the buff.

I’m not sure if it’s intended or not, but the damage dealt by An-Windr’s buff ending must be coded as a regular attack not as a Special Skill.

I think there is something wrong with An-Windr buff.

During the confrontation I have with him there are these occassions:

  1. An-Windr buff turn is only 1 remaining, I pumped many puzzles toward him filling the mana bar completely. He use his skill (the duration should have reseted to 4 at this point). The 168% damage was then executed. If the remaining duration is 2 when he reuse his skill, it reseted without firing 168% damage at the end of next turn. So it seems the problem only appear if he reuse the skill with remaining duration = 1.

  2. An-Windr fire 168% damage at the end of the fight even though he only just cast the buff 2 turns before.

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I forget to pay attention to whether riposte reflected the damage…

3 answers for you:

  1. when he casts it a second time, it doesn’t reset the duration. It removes the first buff and applies a second one. Removal of the first buff triggers the damage.

  2. the buff’s damage level goes by how many tiles he has been hit by during the buff. How long the buff has been active doesn’t change anything.

  3. Riposte reflects all damage received so it should reflect this damage back as well. I wonder who wins on the map if nobody survives? A Riposte hero could do that easily with the amount of damage this does!

It did reset the duration. I try to force him to fire with 2 turn remaining durations and it work fine, he didn’t execute the 168% damage until 4 turns later.

The problem is when the remaining duration is 1. The animation clearly show he use his skill before the animation showing 168% damage appear. So what happen is the duration back to 4 before 168% damage executed.

I don’t know how this answer my question, this is completely unrelated. I never even talk about damage level.

If nobody survive, we lost. I use riposte team for this one but I still can’t remember seeing riposte damage because I am occupied with focusing on the remaining duration…

This is the part #2 was addressing.

As for the rest about resetting duration, I always thought it was replacing the buff, not extending it. Could be wrong though[quote=“yelnats_24, post:14, topic:175386”]
An-Windr fire 168% damage at the end of the fight even though he only just cast the buff 2 turns before

Then that is not an answer as that doesn’t explain how he fire 168% damage at the end of the fight even though the remaining duration is still 2.

Yes it is reseting/replacing (back to 4) not extending (+4).

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