New bug issues since last update

New to this so i apologise. Since last update i have been raided 5 times losing 156.cups.
I tried to revenge attack and was told by the game system i could not attack because the game is played on a different app .

Hey Joseph,

Have you updated to 1.7 yet? They released it today for android (iOS later this week i believe), my guess is that either you updated the game after they hit you and now you cant hit them - or that people hit you and then upgraded. Sucks for you right now, but you can’t hit people that are in other versions of the game - you should be able to revenge when everyone is on 1.7 again!

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Not on my play store for android yet. Possibly different release times for different regions

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Thanks for reply , yes i had an auto update from playstore. Got excited thinking new had come out.
Hope i can revenge when they catch up on the update. :wink:

Thanks for that Talisax, think your spot on there :sunglasses:

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