🏆 New/Broken 'find opponent' raid matchmaking? the cup drops way more and faster

New/Broken ‘find opponent’ raid matchmaking?

Maybe by roster and not cups?

the cup drops way more and faster, is it only me?


meaning… i dont revenge anymore due to +10/-45 and tp is at least +200 than mine.

and this happens for 2/3 of my revenges available.

I normally save my revenges for last. By that time I already grew 200 + cups.

This caused the same situation for me.

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I was hoping someone would post about this. For past week ive been avoiding raiding for this reason. Literally more than 90% of my available revenges were cup droppers with way better/stronger heroes i had no chance of winning.

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I have seen more 4k teams in Platinum lately. Not sure if they’re cup droppers or just guys getting horrible boards. I had 6 revenges available against guys that had 4k teams and only 2100 cups yesterday myself



i see that too

seems to be my situation

I just thought of something. The game is growing and there are far more players than before. It’s possible that so many 4k teams have been created that Diamond just doesn’t have enough room (they’re all kicking each other out). Maybe what we’re seeing is a result of the game growing and more powerful heroes being added

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Would be nice to be able to select an opponent by the player itself while browsing a particular part of the ranking list? Each 100 TP difference 10 cups up and down. Maximum TP difference 1000 for a max amount of 100 cups.

Meat could be taken to show the individually filtered matchlist.

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isnt about room, there’s a cup limit, so there’s room for all…

problem is same tp power as me raid me but they are 200-300 cups less than me…
there are 2 answers: i am to good and go over my limit every day (vs the majority that doesnt) OR im being matched with same tp power but lower cups to get me down to my “lvl” (possibly monoraided)

p.s.: i monoraid and get +40-50 per win (when im not filling my chest) and reach 2400 with 3.5k tp

I seem to be alternating days recently of losing 50-100 cups or gaining 50-100 cups overnight (on the low end of platinum). Defense Team is about 3400 TP.

This is an example of some of the raids ive been dealing with. I should mention im in the 1980 - 2050 cup range mostly. I was in the 1940 range with 3320 tp when this happened.

3 healers, and Tarlak/Sabina have low defense. The hardest hitter is Caedmon. That’s not a good defense and would not stay in diamond. Stack red and watch them melt.

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It is the same with me. Not able to use revenge anymore. All are +10/-40. And My trophies are around 2600. This mean Inwas attcaked by people with a lot lower trophies.

I think the problem you’re all having is that you’re too effective in your raid attacks. =-]

But also, I think it’s rather intuitive that revenge opportunities would generally be against stronger opponents. After all, revenge opportunities can’t come from players whose teams are too weak to beat your defense team. More often than not, the losses you suffer will be to players with stronger teams.

I can’t comment on the prevalence of cup-droppers exacerbating this problem, other than to say, “yeah, probably!” No matter what kind of matching system SG implements, there will be people looking to exploit its’ weaknesses.

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Also, @_John_Doe, I happen to know for a fact that you’re an above-average player in terms of skill (and that’s an understatement), so it makes sense that the issue would be magnified for you.

Context, for anyone interested:

  • Boolz and I are in the same alliance. He manages to hold his own in wars and against 11* and 12* titans despite a MUCH less robust roster than pretty much all of our other teammates.
  • Although my main account sticks around in Diamond, which would disqualify me from commenting on the issue at hand (since it mainly affects the silver/gold/platinum raid arenas), I have a second account that hovers in the low end of Gold arena, and experiences the same thing as y’all. I have to re-roll a LOT to get winnable matchups when trying to fill chests, and I rarely even bother looking at revenge chances because most of them aren’t winnable.

I raid diamond with a team just below 4000 and stay about 2650 cups. The teams I have to chose from, whether revenge or regular, are seldom lower than 4100 and up to 4200.

The reroll is a sizable amount.

Elo rating deflation

I am not sure what OP is discussing, but you are correct, Diamond requires higher team power every time a new increase to power is added ( Troops, Barracks, Classes ) this is called Elo rating deflation ( see Notes ).

Law of unintended consequences

It is exacerbated by Classes requiring 4* 4.70 and 5* 4.80 before you can spend emblems. Thus, many higher rated defense and attack teams will temporarily change their Hero XP spending patterns.

Many players will now concentrate on a few heroes to max tier/max level so they have one or two heroes in each class (so they can spend their emblems to level up the hero’s class, and also more easily complete class quests to get more emblems).

This is different from their previously spending pattern of spreading out their Hero XP spending so as to benefit from Empire’s hidden attack buff: color stacking.



the law of unintended consequences has come to be used as an adage or idiomatic ( Wiki link )



I think it is just more players and better strategies. I win 95% of my attacks and my overnight cup range is around 2600. I don’t want to lose more on offense, so I am not asking for a change per se, but at the top level, this game is heavily skewed toward attackers. I don’t lose to any defense unless it is a terrible board. If I can do that, there are probably 10,000 other players like me who can too.

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And power creep. Now every third raid is against someone with a TP over 4200. I used to almost never see that even in the top 100 or heck top 10. Now its very common in upper diamond.

I think that this phenomenon will soon filter down to lower tiers than diamond if it hasn’t already, which I honestly don’t think is a good thing for the health of the game because it will only reduce the already low rate of key AM acquisition for a lot of players. It seems exceedingly rare to get these mats from gold level chests and if it is going to effectively require a full team of maxed out and talent-kitted 4*s to reach and stay in platinum then only those who’ve already gotten the mats are going to be able to get a significant number of them.

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