New blues. Who to level next?

I pulled Snow White a couple days ago and then when i finished grimforest, I used my challenge coins and pulled Rumplestleskin.

Snow White is a bit of an unknown and i see Rumple on a lot of top teams.

I have Alice at 4/78 right now. As soon as I finish her, I will start working on either Snow or Rumple. But I’m not sure who to start leveling first.

I know, this is a first world problem but I wanna make sure i make the best decision. I don’t need any type of hero in particular, I just want to make sure to level the best overall hero between the two.

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Personal vote is for Rumple.

Yes hes a bit of a wild-card but his specials seem a bit more rounded. Other side of it is that his mana speed is better than Snow-Whites.

My advice tho would be to take both to 3/70 and have a bit of a play with them. Take them raiding, farming & use in wars etc… Find out which one fits best with your play style cause your play style may be very different to mine. Work out which one gives the best synergy with the rest of your heroes because that & your play style will determine which one to level up


That’s a good point. I’ll probably have them both at 3/70 before I have the scopes to max one or the other because I just used my scopes to ascend Alice. I don’t regret that as I really wanted Alice at full power.

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Just finished Alice. Now I have to decide who to level next.

I’m actually leaning towards Snow White. I don’t have any necessity for a specific type of hero, so I have some freedom to mess around and try something new. I’ve faced Rumple in some raids and haven’t had much problem defeating him. It’s a 1 in 3 chance whether the special will directly affect my team.

This is a tough choice. But like I said, I’ll probably have both at 3/70 before I get the scopes. And then I think next months Hero of the Montth is a blue, so that might add to the logjam of my blue 5*s

A vote for Snow White.

She’d be killer in a Buff Bonus Tourney. She also compliments a lot of already popular heroes - her and Wilbur in a stack could do some serious damage.

Depends on your play style and will either make your defence team ? (Raid or War). I think Snow White looks to be a beast certainly would paid well with Wilbur so she would get my vote overall.

End of the day both good heros, play around with each and make a very “tough” choice hehe

Snow White, used wisely on offence, may be more devastating than Ursena.

I’d go snow in a heartbeat if any of my 130 pulls had snagged her (or any 5*)

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It´s a great answer. I think it´s the best way

Snow White.

Aegir + SW is already great. Adding Isarnia / Frida makes it even better.

Was able to pull SW but her reviews as of now is not that great. Was pulling for Boss Wolf to replace my war tank in Kage but snagged her instead. She is slow and her total damage output is dependent on the number of status effect removed. But I rather ascend her than Rumple, who is the best hero representing RNG at its finest (well, Danza would be the premiere representative for RNG).

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Snow White. Good luck

I’ve been tooling around with the Cocaine Queen whilst farming monster chests. I read the card, but wasn’t entirely clear how it would work. She removes all buffs and ailments from your team and your opponents team, even if they are positive for your team. It kinda clears the board for both teams.

The best way to use her seems to be firing off a hero with a lot of buffs before firing her special. Ares or Aegir or a lot of other heroes with long and complicated cards would work.

She takes all of those and amplifies her strength. It’s not unreasonable to gather all the buffs and ailments and having her hit at 420% on all enemies. That is a crazy strong hit.

Is 420% the strongest hit on all enemies of any hero?