New Biblical event

With my luck, I’d wind up with a Dawa and the Comfy Chair.

People who want to be offended will get offended by anything.
Not to mention that religion to many people IS myths and history.

I’d like to see event or season with occult/witchcraft/heaven and hell theme. Lots of good stuff there.

Or better, fix the game and show us those QoL SG.


I saw the OP in latest threads and thought there had been a plague of locusts, a downpour of frogs and all livestock dead for 7 years. Something newsworthy.

Pfft…it’s about game stuff.


Cthulu… Cthulu… Cthulu… 20 cthulus :laughing:

Nope. He turns all your heroes into Dawa.

Well after that he did, according to the gospels, host a wicked beach fish barbecue. He ascended into Heaven after that, but I suspect Salmonella was the real reason.

EDIT: if only I could find the Emoji Acronym Bible Project again…

just look at this thread. We are only talking about the possibility of having an biblical event and already there are a lot of heated comments. So actually having a biblical event would set the whole forum on fire.

Many people say that religion should not be included in the game.
Easter event, Christmas event … :thinking:

Religion is already in the game …


That’s kind of wHat I thought aS well

Good thing it wAsn’t soMething sErious.

Otherwise I would Start to get worried!

And I’m trying to remain calm!

People who pLay this gAme don’t think I’m a Good gUy, but I mean no offEnse.

Of course I can’t please everyone though, I ask For forgiveness.

Lately I just can’t seem tO get anyone to Comprehend or Understand any of my Seemingly erraTic postS.



Although it’s a bad idea in almost every respect, and will never be implemented, there’s possibility of some amusing heroes and special skills here as always:

Eve, special skill “Pandora’s Apple”:
-All allies regenerate 100% mana and health
-Unleashes a serpent fiend on all enemies for four turns
-All allies incur the Wrath of God until SG releases John the Baptist in a few thousand years time

Easter and Christmas are two “religious” events that have been co-opted by the secular consumerists to further their capitalist agenda.

Much as they were in turn co-opted by christians from the heathen unbelievers. Easter itself is named for a pagan Germanic goddess.

Sorry dude, I feel like I have screwed you over in a tiny way. Sorry, but organised religion and christianity instantly triggers me. EDIT: removed offensive content

Is that why they are no longer religious events?
No, therefore religion is already in the game.

Ahahah I’m enjoying too much this topic! It obviously was a joke but so many people take this game tooooooo seriously!

I’m still waiting for unicorn loki. An RNGesus manifested is the only compensation

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I will keep you in my prayers to Santa.

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No thanks … I’m an atheist!


Sounds like you’d benefit from a therapist.

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Although i agreed this would probably be a bad idea as either way it’ll end up offending people, it did however get me thinking of some heros that could be used.

Moses (Green Hero). Passive skill:Immune to sand Empire special skills.
Special Skill - Parting of the Red sea. 170% attack againts all opponents. Doubles against blue opponents.

Elisha (Green hero). Special Skill - Bear summon. Adds a bear minion to all allies. With 10% health and 5% attack of heros.

Elijah (Red hero) summon Fire Deals 420% damage against 1 hero. Provision of oil - adds 15% mana to all heros

Deborah (Gold hero) Song of deborah. Nearby heros recieve 40% increase in strength and defence and a 25% health bonus.

Samson (Purple) Riddlers whit. Re orders opposition heros. Randomly locks mana of 2 opposition heros. 20% defense down on other heros.

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