New Biblical event

Good Morning!
It’s a little bit crazy but… What about a BIBLICAL event? It could be a huge fun explosion!

Think about! We already have Greek gods, Scandinavian mythical gods… Why non biblical? Delilah is in the game, why non Sanson, Moses…?

My advice: Stay away from any actual religion. There is a danger to offend belivers of any religion. Some might find it sinful to use themes of their religion for recreational purpose, others are appalled if they have to use characters of other religions they dont like, so its a loose-loose situation. For a worldwide game catering to different cultures you should stay with mythological or fictious story lines.



Very well said !!

I absolutely love the Bible theme; incest, murder, infanticide, genocide, gang rape, slavery and supernatural coercion? SG needs more of that, I agree totally. Let’s make the game biblically wholesome?


I’m still waiting for Unicorn Loki, we need some compensation!

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In my honest opinion, the very thing that should be avoided in a “FUN” game is Religions (all of them).

It gets very heated and sarcastic and controversial very quickly.


There is absolutely no way it wouldnt cause arguments or someone wouldnt post something offensive. As evidenced already in this thread. Its be a dumpster fire of epic proportions


It could alternate every other month with the Political event!

Hitler: The next red 5* - and the only hero to have a special skill that goes up to level Nein!


I didn’t come up with “biblical” as an adjective (?)

I grew up indoctrinated and will take every shot I reasonably can.

Fantastic suggestion! I can’t wait to kill SGGesus and all the apostles.

What would SGGesus’ special do? Water into wine and makes everyone blind drunk for 4 turns? And his passive power is that after you kill him, he goes into a cave for 3 days and then comes back to life.



Yeah, what a brilliant idea. :roll_eyes:

One event for the at least 6 biggest religions, and don’t forget the new war options:

  • crusades
  • djihad

And the new summon methods:

  • brainwashing
  • missional
  • threat of torture

Oh, what a fun …


We live in highly emotional age, where a small aspect offends people very easily.
Ideally religion & to an extent, even certain cultural aspects should be kept out of the game, to avoid offending people… which can easily spoil the “FUN” aspect of playing the game.

There is another potential trap, of players from certain parts of the world asking for heroes from their location & then… we can easily guess…!!



Rather than this I would enjoy a trip in space where we meet a technologically highly advanced civilisation consisting mainly of robots and war machines. This event would feature robotic heroes which optimally deal no magic (how should they?) but focus on advanced weapons causing high damage. They might also blind and poison heroes or freeze them (tiles of this specific color become “0” damage tiles for a certain amount of turns…

We are all impacted by RNGesus as it stands.

That’s as much religion as I can take in a game :laughing:


When they release Mohammed as the HOTM, it would hit the fan!


Good idea, the Bible has a lot of cool Old Testament heroes that would fit well with the game: Esther, David, Samson, Joseph, etc. But the potential to cause offense, and a clamor among people to have “their” religious heroes featured, would be too great.

Also, some of my favorite heroes in the game are the original ones. Using already existing IP/history slows the creation and adoption of new ideas and concepts.

No… just no.

Not like I would feel offended, I’m the type of person more likely to post you a Jesus meme.

But I live in a sad country where insulting one’s religious feelings is technically a crime you can get penalized for. You’d be surprised how little are the things that people find ‘offending’ and even if usually nobody goes to prison in the end they cause large and heavily polarized discussions.

When you create little innocent game you want to stay away from that kind of stuff as far as you can. Even if you are good-willed and can defend yourself it’s just not worth the effort, all the talking etc. 75% of forum discussions may turn into catholics vs atheists battling each other to death. Why would you want to risk that when you can just pull any other ‘safe’ theme and keep mining your gold in peace.


“to the death” means different things to those two categories. “to the partial dismemberment” possibly allows for a more even incentive structure.

Yeah and i guess a new summon portal would be in order. You do an x30 and at the end, it stops a bit, you think you will get the HOTM, but… Bammm its the Spanish Inquisition, you didnt expect it right?


Can we have Cthulu??? The necronomicon can be the new portal and ooooh think of the music!!!

  • 20 sarcastic laughs *

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