New Battle Item - Spectrum Shield - an attack grid wild card!

The puzzle game play is a fairly stale part of this game with only a modicum of strategy needed to take advantage of combos and large patterns. Only one battle item, the Tornado, directly affects the board, and even then only randomly.

I propose a new Battle Item, the Spectrum Shield that acts as a wild card on the attack grid wherever you place it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You craft one or more Spectrum Shields in the Forge.

  2. You equip them like any other Battle Item prior to battle

  3. During your turn, you tap the Spectrum Shield and then tap the shield in the attack grid that you want to apply it to, turning it white.

  4. The shield you select is now a wild card. If the white shield completes any color patterns with neighboring shields, those troops fire off and your turn is over.

  5. If the wild card shield does not cause troops to fire, the shield remains white and the player must swap shields as usual to shoot off troops. The white wild card shields remains in play until it completes a pattern and fires off.

Here’s an example:
This …

Becomes this when you apply the Spectrum Shield to the green shield on the grid. Both the red and blue troops launch upwards!

Details and Options

This would be handy when you have a tight corner with no combinations possible or when you want to avoid sending a weak volley that will charge your opponent’s mana.

I envision this as a 3 star Battle Item on par with the Revive Scroll in that it is somewhat costly to make and that you can only equip 3 of at a time. There should also be no damage caused by the troop launched by the Spectrum Shield in this scenario and no mana generated.

Alternatively, it could be a 4 star Battle Item in which the troop does the combined damage of all troops in play and gives mana to all player heroes (as well as whichever enemy it hits).

The game mechanic also opens the way for new hero powers, Poison Troops, that can create a random Black Shield on the attack grid, a void that cannot be combined with any other color and can only be removed when three are combined or a number of turns elapse. Details coming soon…

What tweaks or other ideas would you suggest?

That would be a great item.

There’s another one, the
Scroll of Alteration,
which can be crafted in a maxed
Hunters Lounge.

Watch in action:

Thanks! - I have not leveled up that far just yet. But to be honest, the Scroll seems just as random as the Tornado and much weaker despite being harder to build!

I like my idea better - less random, more strategy, and not OP.

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