New battle item: Hero Color Change Scroll

Idea for a new battle item: The Hero Color Change Scroll.

Select the target Hero (enemy or ally) and then a pull down appears (like the sort button in the hero roster) with all 5 colors. Select the color you want and the target hero changes to that color for the duration (5 rounds is suggested). On an ally it is considered a buff, an enemy it is considered an ailment.

or color scrolls are of a specific color

or color scrolls change the target to a different random color

or color scrolls change a random target to a different random color

or color scrolls of different kinds such as curse (can only can target enemies) or chaos (only target allies)

Shade and Rainbow scrolls:

Shade scroll turns the target Grey: all damage target deals and is dealt is ‘weak’ for duration

Rainbow scroll turns the target multi: all damage target deals and is dealt is ‘strong’ for duration

**small chance scroll doesnt work and target turns brown (mix of colors) and all damage it deals or is dealt is normal for duration

I dont think I was clear explaining my idea on color change scrolls.
Some practical applications would be:
Facing a titan and your optimal team is not its opposing color, NO PROBLEM, just change the color of the titan
Want to quickly take out your raids tank but your best heroes are a rainbow, NO PROBLEM, just change the color of the enemy tank or change the color of your best hitters.

I like your idea; I have a similar one but for my suggestion color change is permanent. A player can get color change tokens as a reward, similar to summon tokens. A more common color change token will randomly change the hero’s color. A specific but more rare color change token will change the hero to a fixed color.

I thought of this out of frustration. For some reason my strongest heroes right now are all Fire/Reds. Enabling color change will allow me to use these heroes together more often. At the extreme, a player can have 5 of the same hero in different colors for whatever purpose the player deems fit.

Anyway, it’s just an idea. Hopefully it can get noticed.

Not commenting on your idea per se, but there is a lot of benefit to having several heroes of one color — a team of five reds can usually take out an enemy green tank in 3-4 tiles, which gives a huge advantage in the raid. Of course, you open yourself up to boards that don’t cooperate at all…

My maxed five stars: 3x green / 4x red / 2 x purple / 2 x yellow / 1 x blue. So I understand where you’re coming from…

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